Nina Dobrev: Emma Stone Inspires My Style

Nina Dobrev: Emma Stone Inspires My Style

Nina Dobrev
Nina Dobrev

She’s one of Hollywood’s most stylish young stars but even Nina Dobrev can think of some other famous ladies she looks up to. 

“One of them is Kate Beckinsale; she has great style because she’s always so classy and put together in a very clean way,” The Vampire Diaries star recently told Nylon magazine. “Zoe Saldana takes a lot of risks, but is still very classy. I love Diana Agron, Emma Watson, Olivia Wilde, Emma Stone…they’re all so great.”
And the inspiration seems to be working. Whenever she hits the street, Dobrev is the epitome of easy chic (c’mon, this is a girl who makes flip-flops look fancy).
Below, a few of our favorite summer looks from the 23-year-old star: 
A casual but glamorous maxi dress in Manhattan. nina

Bold color and her favorite accessory (boyfriend Ian Somerhalder). 


Cute in crochet In Paris.nina

Smart accessories (those shoes!) in NYC.nina


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