Dear Celebrities, That’s Enough With The Apologies!

Justin Bieber, InstagramInstagram/justinbieber

In the past few days more celebrities have apologized for more problematic behavior than, perhaps, ever before. Let’s begin with Justin Bieber. Old footage showed him telling a racist joke about black people, chains, and slavery; he, of course, used the N-word. After issuing a formal apology, another video was released. 

Makes it real hard to take that first apology seriously.

Next up is Jonah Hill. A great comedian, beloved actor, and now—just another celebrity issuing public apologies. He hurled a homophobic slur at a paparazzi photographer, and his since apologized twice (once on Howard Stern, and again on The Tonight Show).

And today all of Twitter has been buzzing over Pharrell‘s Elle UK magazine cover. The “Happy” singer is wearing a Native American headdress, as if it’s some sort of accessory or fun hat. He, too, has issued an apology. But many people are still #NotHappy:

With so many celebrity apologies floating around, it’s becoming difficult to keep them all straight—and it’s even more difficult to take any of them seriously. Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a world where celebrities (and non-celebrities) knew that intolerance and cultural appropriation were wrong, and therefore didn’t participate in either, and subsequently, wouldn’t have to issue these apologies? Maybe some day…