Noah Segan

Born: 10/05/1983 in New York, New York, USA


Actor (30)

Hot 2015 (Movie)


Redeemer 2015 (Movie)

Bradock (Actor)

Some Kind of Hate 2015 (Movie)

Krauss (Actor)

War Pigs 2015 (Movie)

August (Actor)

Chuck Hank and the San Diego Twins 2014 (Movie)


Django Lives 2014 (Movie)


Get the Girl 2014 (Movie)


Starry Eyes 2014 (Movie)

Danny (Actor)

The Box Collector 2014 (Movie)


The Mind's Eye 2014 (Movie)

Travis Levine (Actor)

Looper 2012 (Movie)

Kid Blue (Actor)

The Frozen 2012 (Movie)

The Hunter (Actor)

All About Evil 2010 (Movie)


Chain Letter 2010 (Movie)

Dante (Actor)

Deadgirl 2009 (Movie)

JT (Actor)

Fanboys 2009 (Movie)

Boba Fett #2 (Actor)

The Brothers Bloom 2009 (Movie)

The Duke (Actor)

The Hessen Affair 2009 (Movie)


Cabin Fever 2 2008 (Movie)

John (Actor)

What We Do is Secret 2008 (Movie)

Don Bolles (Actor)

Adam & Steve 2006 (Movie)

Twink (Actor)

Brick 2006 (Movie)

Dode (Actor)

The Picture of Dorian Gray 2006 (Movie)

Basil Hallward (Actor)

NCIS 2004 (Tv Show)


CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 2003 (Tv Show)


Dawson's Creek 2003 (Tv Show)


KaBlam! 1996 - 1999 (TV Show)


Married... With Children 1993 - 1995 (Tv Show)


Grace Under Fire 1993 - 1994 (Tv Show)


The Picture of Dorian Gray (Movie)




Appeared in the horror film "Tales of Halloween"


Was cast in the time travel sci-fi drama "Looper"


Nabbed a recurring part in "Days of Our Lives"


Appeared in the indie drama "Still Green"


Landed his first recurring TV role on "KaBlam!"

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Segan was the grandson of the notable American photographer Arthur Rothstein.


"I guess that most people who start their career when they’re in their early 20s or just out of school, whatever the case may be, who put in the time, maybe do start to see results after 7-10 years. Maybe that is sort of what’s happening. I hope so." - from, September 12, 2012


Appeared in an episode of the TV series "Loving" (ABC 1983-1995) in 1983, the year he was born.


Worked repeatedly with director Rian Johnson, in projects like "Brick" (2005), "The Brothers Bloom" (2008), "Looper" (2012), and an episode of "Breaking Bad" (AMC 2008-2013).


Frequently starred in horror films.