Noble Johnson

Actor, Producer
Born: 04/18/1881 in Marshall, Missouri, USA


Actor (40)

She Wore a Yellow Ribbon 1949 (Movie)

Chief Red Shirt (Actor)

A Game of Death 1946 (Movie)


Ten Gentlemen From West Point 1941 (Movie)

Tecumseh (Actor)

Aloma of the South Seas 1940 (Movie)


Juarez 1939 (Movie)

Gen. Regules (Actor)

The Ghost Breakers 1939 (Movie)

The Zombie (Actor)

Lives of a Bengal Lancer 1934 (Movie)


King Kong 1933 (Movie)


The Mummy 1931 (Movie)


Redskin 1928 (Movie)

Pueblo Jim (Actor)

Sal of Singapore 1928 (Movie)


King of Kings 1926 (Movie)


The Navigator 1923 (Movie)


The Ten Commandments 1922 (Movie)

The Bronze Man - Prologue (Actor)

Aloma of the South Seas (Movie)

Moukali (Actor)

Angel on My Shoulder (Movie)

Trustee (uncredited) (Actor)

Dante's Inferno (Movie)

The Devil (Actor)

Dream Girl (Movie)

Bartender (Actor)

East of Borneo (Movie)

Osman (Actor)

Four Men and a Prayer (Movie)

Native (Actor)

Frontier Pony Express (Movie)

Cantrell (Actor)

Green Hell (Movie)

Indian Chief (Actor)

Hands Up (Movie)

Sitting Bull (Actor)

Kid Millions (Movie)

Attendant (Actor)

Kismet (Movie)


Mystery Ranch (Movie)

Mudo (Actor)

Noah's Ark (Movie)

Broker (Actor)

Northwest Mounted Police (Movie)


Shut My Big Mouth (Movie)

Chief Standing Bull (Actor)

Son of Kong (Movie)

Native Chief (Actor)

The Flaming Frontier (Movie)

Sitting Bull (Actor)

The Jungle Book (Movie)

Sikh (Actor)

The Most Dangerous Game (Movie)

Ivan (Actor)

The Murders in the Rue Morgue (Movie)

Janos, the Black One (Actor)

The Ranger and the Lady (Movie)

El Lobo (Actor)

The Wallop (Movie)

Espinol (Actor)

Unconquered (Movie)

Big Ottawa indian (Actor)

Vanity (Movie)

The Ship's Cook (Actor)

White Woman (Movie)

Native Chief No. 1 (Actor)
Art Department (1)

Sherman Oaks 1994 - 1997 (Tv Show)

Assistant Props