Norbert Schiller

Born: 11/23/1899


Actor (16)

Tales From the Vienna Woods 1977 (Movie)

Rittmeister (Actor)

The World's Greatest Lover 1977 (Movie)

Captain (Actor)

Murder on the Bridge 1974 (Movie)

Dr Hungertobel (Actor)

Nightmare 1973 - 1974 (TV Show)


The Man in the Glass Booth 1973 (Movie)

Schmidt (Actor)

The Pedestrian 1973 (Movie)


In Enemy Country 1968 (Movie)

Polish Man (Actor)

Torn Curtain 1966 (Movie)

Gutman (Actor)

Morituri 1965 (Movie)

Steward (Actor)

36 Hours 1963 (Movie)

Dr Wittelbach (Actor)

Operation Eichmann 1961 (Movie)

Uri Goldmann (Actor)

Frankenstein - 1970 1958 (Movie)

Shuter (Actor)

The Return of Dracula 1957 (Movie)

Gordal (Actor)

Deep in My Heart 1954 (Movie)

Card player (Actor)

The Racers 1954 (Movie)

Dehlgreen (Actor)