Norma Aleandro

Actor, Screenwriter, Author
Representing the third generation of her family to work in the theater, versatile talent Norma Aleandro began acting with her parents as a child and matured into one of Argentina's most distinguished thespians. A ... Read more »
Born: 05/02/1936 in Buenos Aires, AR


Actor (35)

Angelita la doctora 2016 (Movie)


El Espejo de los otros 2015 (Movie)


All In 2012 (Movie)


Paco 2010 (Movie)

Nina (Actor)

The City of Your Final Destination 2010 (Movie)

Mrs. Van Euwen (Actor)

Anita 2009 (Movie)

Dora (Actor)

Cuestión de principios 2009 (Movie)

Sarita (Actor)

Musica en espera 2009 (Movie)


Live-in Maid 2007 (Movie)

Beba (Actor)

Only Human 2006 (Movie)

Gloria Dali (Actor)

Patoruzito 2: La Gran Aventura 2006 (Movie)

Voice (Actor)

Pura Sangre 2006 (Movie)


Ay, Juancito 2004 (Movie)


The Son of the Bride 2002 (Movie)

Norma Belvedere (Actor)

Come What May 2001 (Movie)

La Varela (Actor)

Every Stewardess Goes to Heaven 2001 (Movie)


Una Noche con Sabrina Love 2001 (Movie)


La Fuga 2000 (Movie)

La Varela (Actor)

Autumn Sun 1998 (Movie)

Clara Goldstein (Actor)

Foolish Heart 1998 (Movie)

Juan's Mother (Actor)

The Lighthouse 1997 (Movie)

Dolores (Actor)

One Man's War 1990 - 1991 (TV Show)


Las Tumbas 1990 (Movie)

Maria (Actor)

The 62nd Annual Academy Awards 1989 - 1990 (TV Show)


Vital Signs 1990 (Movie)

Henrietta (Actor)

Cien Veces No Debo 1989 (Movie)

Mother (Actor)

Cousins 1989 (Movie)

Edie Costello (Actor)

Gaby-A True Story 1987 (Movie)

Florencia (Actor)

The 58th Annual Academy Awards Presentation 1985 - 1986 (TV Show)


The Official Story 1985 (Movie)

Alicia (Actor)

Tobi 1977 (Movie)


La Tregua 1973 (Movie)


Los Siete Locos 1972 (Movie)


Dark Holiday (TV Show)



Representing the third generation of her family to work in the theater, versatile talent Norma Aleandro began acting with her parents as a child and matured into one of Argentina's most distinguished thespians. A playwright and director as well as a performer, she fled her homeland for fear of persecution at the hands of its military junta, spending many years in exile first in Uruguay and later Spain before her 1983 return. The dark-haired actress with a slightly pinched face and expressively limpid brown eyes gained international recognition for her superb portrait of a typical middle-class Argentine woman who discovers her life is a lie in the politically-themed "La Historia Oficial/The Official Story" (1985). Aleandro crafted a heartbreaking portrayal of a average wife who comes to suspect that her beloved adopted daughter is the child of a political prisoner. In a role specifically tailored for her, she triumphed both personally and artistically, earning Best Actress honors at Cannes and from the New York Film Critics Circle. Set in 1983 as the junta was disintegrating, "The Official Story" was the first film to examine the fallen regime's responsibility for disappearances, tortures, murders and stolen babies, making a political statement in the midst of a crackling good story that deservedly snared the Academy Award as Best Foreign Film, although the expected nomination for Aleandro's gut-wrenching work failed to materialize.


Maria Vaner




Starred in the comedic ensemble "Seres queridos/Only Human" co-written and co-directed by Dominic Harari and Teresa Pelegri


Starred in Nicolás Gil Saavedra's short, "Identidad perdida"


Co-starred as a soap star in Eduardo Mignogna's "Cleopatra"


Played the mother in Juan José Campanella's "El Hijo de la novia/Son of the Bride"


Appeared in Alejandro Agresti's "Una Noche con Sabrina Love/A Night with Sabrina Love"


Cast as the mother of a future filmmaker in Hector Babenco's semi-autobiographical "Corazon iluminado/Foolish Heart"


Offered an outstanding turn as a middle-aged Jewish woman who places an ad in the lonely hearts column of a Buenos Aires newspaper in "La Seconda Volta/Autumn Sun/Sol de Otono"


Starred in Buenos Aires stage production of Terrence McNally's "Master Class"


Appeared in the made-for-cable movie "One Man's War", airing on "HBO Showcase"


Last US feature (to date), "Vital Signs"


Starred opposite Lee Remick in the NBC movie "Dark Holiday"


Portrayed Isabella Rossellini's colorful mother who marries Lloyd Bridges in "Cousins"


US film acting debut in "Gaby--A True Story"; received a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination as the caretaker of a woman with cerebral palsy


Offered an exceptional performance as an upper-middle-class Argentine shielded from the harsh realities of her country until she takes the step that will shatter her naivete in the Oscar-winning Best Foreign Film "La Historia Oficial/The Official Story"


Acted on stage in NYC in the one-woman show "Sobre el amor y otras cuentos/About Love and Other Stories About Love", adapted from the writings of well-known South American writers


Because of her outspokenness and liberal views, forced to leave Argentina amid death threats; lived briefly in Uruguay before entering into self-imposed exile in Spain


Last Argentine film for more than a decade, "La Tregua/The Truce"


Wrote and starred in "Los Herederos"


Acted in Jorge Darnell's "Gente conmigo/A Nation with Me"


Early film credit, "La Muerte en las Calles"


Made stage debut at the age of 12 (date approximate)