Norma Varden

Born: 01/20/1898 in London, England, GB


Actor (46)

Doc 1968 - 1969 (TV Show)


Doctor Dolittle 1967 (Movie)

Lady Petherington (Actor)

Hazel 1961 - 1966 (TV Show)


A Very Special Favor 1965 (Movie)

Mother Plum (Actor)

The Sound of Music 1965 (Movie)

Frau Schmidt (Actor)

Island of Love 1962 (Movie)


Door-to-Door Maniac 1960 (Movie)

Priscilla (Actor)

The Buccaneer 1958 (Movie)

Madame Hilaire (Actor)

Witness For the Prosecution 1957 (Movie)

Mrs French (Actor)

Jupiter's Darling 1955 (Movie)

Fabia (Actor)

Elephant Walk 1954 (Movie)

Mrs Breezely (Actor)

Three Coins in the Fountain 1954 (Movie)

Woman (Actor)

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes 1953 (Movie)

Lady Beckman (Actor)

Loose in London 1953 (Movie)

Aunt Agatha (Actor)

Strangers On a Train 1951 (Movie)

Mrs Cunningham (Actor)

Thunder on the Hill 1951 (Movie)

Pierce (Actor)

Fancy Pants 1950 (Movie)

Lady Maude (Actor)

Bring on the Girls 1944 (Movie)


Mademoiselle Fifi 1944 (Movie)

The Wholesaler's Wife (Actor)

National Velvet 1944 (Movie)


Casablanca 1942 (Movie)

Englishwoman (Actor)

The Major and the Minor 1941 (Movie)

Mrs Osborne (Actor)

Adventure in Baltimore (Movie)

H.H. Hamilton (Actor)

Dixie (Movie)

Mrs. La Plant (Actor)

Fools for Scandal (Movie)

Cicely (Actor)

Forever Amber (Movie)

Mrs. Abbott (Actor)

Happy (Movie)


Hold That Blonde (Movie)

Mrs. Henry Carteret (Actor)

Istanbul Express (TV Show)


Ivy (Movie)

Joan Rodney (Actor)

My Own True Love (Movie)

Red Cross Nurse (Actor)

Random Harvest (Movie)

Julia (Actor)

Scotland Yard (Movie)

Lady Heathcote (Actor)

Sherlock Holmes Faces Death (Movie)

Grace (Actor)

Slightly Dangerous (Movie)

Opera Singer (Actor)

The Earl of Chicago (Movie)

Maureen Kilmount (Actor)

The Glass Key (Movie)

Dowager (Actor)

The Green Years (Movie)

Mrs. Bosomley (Actor)

The Iron Duke (Movie)

Duchess of Richmond (Actor)

The Searching Wind (Movie)

Mrs. Hayworth (Actor)

The Senator Was Indiscreet (Movie)

Woman at Banquet (Actor)

The White Cliffs of Dover (Movie)

Mrs. Bland (Actor)

Waterloo Bridge (Movie)

Hostess (Actor)

We Were Dancing (Movie)

Mrs. Bryce-Carew (Actor)

Where There's a Will (Movie)

Margaret Wimpleton (Actor)

Young Bess (Movie)

Lady Tyrwhitt (Actor)