Norman Cabrera


Art Department (33)

Deepwater Horizon 2016 (Movie)

(KNB EFX Group, Inc) (Sculptor)

The Green Inferno 2015 (Movie)

Art Dept.(KNB Group) (Art Department)

Annabelle 2014 (Movie)


Birdman 2014 (Movie)

Suit Construction Art Department(Mike Elizalde's Spectral Motion, Inc) (Art Department)

Dolphin Tale 2 2014 (Movie)

(KNB EFX Group, Inc) (Art Department)

Frank Miller's Sin City: A Dame to Kill For 2014 (Movie)

(KNB EFX Group,Inc) (Sculptor)

Horns 2014 (Movie)

(KNB EFX Group, Inc.) (Sculptor)

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 2014 (Movie)

(KNB EFX Group) (Art Department)

Lone Survivor 2013 (Movie)

(KNB EFX Group, Inc.) (Art Department)

Texas Chainsaw 3D 2013 (Movie)

(KNB EFX Group, Inc) (Art Department)

This Is The End 2013 (Movie)

(KNB EFX Group) (Art Department)

Savages 2012 (Movie)

(KNB EFX Group) (Art Department)

Your Highness 2011 (Movie)

Creature Sculptor(Spectral Motion, Inc) (Sculptor)

Drag Me to Hell 2009 (Movie)

(KNB Effects Group, Inc) (Sculptor)

The Unborn 2009 (Movie)

(KNB EFX Group, Inc) (Sculptor)

Hellboy II: The Golden Army 2008 (Movie)

Angel of Death Sculptor(Spectral Motion) (Sculptor)

One Missed Call 2008 (Movie)

(Spectral Motion Inc.) (Illustrator)

X-Men: The Last Stand 2006 (Movie)

Lead Artist(Spectral Motion, Inc.) (Concept Artist)

Fantastic Four 2005 (Movie)

Art Supervisor(Spectral Motion, Inc.) (Art Department)

Hellboy 2004 (Movie)

Art Supervisor(Spectral Motion) (Art Department)

Austin Powers in Goldmember 2002 (Movie)

(Kurtzman, Nicotero & Berger EFX Group, Inc.) (Sculptor)

Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams 2002 (Movie)


Time Machine 2002 (Movie)

sculptor(KNB EFX Group/special uber Morlock make-up) (Art Department)

Planet of the Apes 2001 (Movie)

sculpture/design(special make-up effects--Cinovation Studios/Rick Baker crew) (Art Department)

Spy Kids 2001 (Movie)

sculptor(KNB EFX Group/special effects) (Art Department)

Little Nicky 2000 (Movie)

sculptor(EFX Group Inc/special make-up & creature effects) (Art Department)

The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle 2000 (Movie)

sculptor/painter(Kurtzman Nicotero Berger EFX Group/special make-up effects) (Art Department)

Bats 1999 (Movie)

sculptor(KNB EFX Group/special make-up & animatronic effects) (Art Department)

End of Days 1999 (Movie)

sculptor(Kurtzman Nicotero & Berger EFX Group/special make-up effects) (Art Department)

Phantoms 1998 (Movie)

sculptor(KNB EFX Group) (Art Department)

The X-Files 1998 (Movie)

key artist(KNB EFX Group) (Art Department)

Spawn 1997 (Movie)

sculptor(KNB EFX Group) (Art Department)

Mortal Kombat 1995 (Movie)

Wardrobe, Hair & Makeup (12)

Star Trek Beyond 2016 (Movie)

Make-Up Effects Sculptor (Makeup Effects)

Ted 2 2015 (Movie)

Artist (Wardrobe)

Men in Black 3 2012 (Movie)

Key Artist(Cinovation Studios) (Prosthetic Makeup)

Seven Psychopaths 2012 (Movie)

Sculptor(Special Makeup Effects) (Special Makeup Effects)

House of 1,000 Corpses 2003 (Movie)

(Special Makeup Effects)

Thirteen Ghosts 2001 (Movie)

Special Make-up Effects : Key Artist (Makeup Effects)

Love God 1999 (Movie)

special effects make-up assistant (Makeup)

Sleepwalkers 1997 - 1998 (TV Show)

Special Makeup Effects

Wes Craven Presents Wishmaster 1997 (Movie)

special makeup effects sculptor(Kurtzman Nicotero & Berger/EFX Group Inc) (Makeup)

From Dusk Till Dawn 1996 (Movie)

makeup special effects key personnel (Makeup)

Beauty and the Beast 1987 - 1990 (TV Show)


Coming to America 1988 (Movie)

special makeup (Makeup)
Physical Effects (6)

The Cabin in the Woods 2012 (Movie)


Drag Me to Hell 2009 (Movie)


Michael 1996 (Movie)

animal sculptor(Amalgamated Dynamics Inc) (Animatronics)

Wolf 1994 (Movie)

animatronic wolf effects (Animatronics)

Beethoven 1992 (Movie)


Death Becomes Her 1992 (Movie)

Visual Effects & Animation (2)

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters 2013 (Movie)

Makeup And Animatronic Character(ADI) (Animator)

Roswell (TV Show)

Special Effects
Actor (1)

Spy Kids 2001 (Movie)

FoOglie No 2 (Actor)
Other (4)

The Temp 1993 (Movie)

technician (Other)

Gremlins 2: The New Batch 1990 (Movie)

creature crew (Other)

Harry and the Hendersons 1987 (Movie)

painter(("Harry" crew)) (Other)

Something Is Out There (TV Show)