Octavia Spencer Says Her Weight’s ‘Not Healthy’ at the SAG Awards

octavia spencerAs an actress, Octavia Spencer is well on her way to Hollywood success, scoring awards at the Golden Globes and SAG awards, along with getting nominated for an Oscar. Yes, it’s safe to say her career path has never looked brighter, but that doesn’t mean the actress is without certain insecurities, especially in regards to her weight. In an interview backstage at the SAG awards, Spencer talked about her weight struggles, saying, “I am not healthy at this weight.” She also went on to say, “Any time you have too much around the middle, then there is a problem. [And] when you reach a certain weight, you are less valuable,” which has become a sad truth in the Hollywood realm.

But it’s a stigma Spencer is hoping will change in time since it not only affects people who are overweight, but those who are underweight as well. She said, “I feel for the overly thin women as much as I do for the overweight women. It … has to change,” adding that, “Women would be much happier if they ate. I know I sure get a headache when I don’ t eat!” Spencer even went on to lighten the mood with a joke, saying, “I’m just gonna lift this [award] a few times to lose that little bit of weight I need to!”

And while I think it’s great that she wants to be healthier, doesn’t it seem ridiculous that she’s being asked questions about her weight in the first place? Here she just won yet another award for her talents as an actress and all anyone cares about is listening to her comment on her weight? This is not what we should be focusing on. E! even went so far as to call her a “foodie actress.” Talk about condescending! This woman is well on her way to winning an Oscar and fully reaching celebrity A-list status — she deserves to eat whatever she wants. Plus she looked amazing at the SAG awards, so I’m not really sure why this is even being discussed. Either way, we love her for her work, not her dress size.

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Source: E!, People