Oded Kassirer


Visual Effects & Animation (6)

Mars Needs Moms 2011 (Movie)

Motion Capture Artist (Visual Effects)

Monster House 2006 (Movie)

Tracker(Imageworks Performance Capture Tracking) (Digital Effects Artist)

The Polar Express 2004 (Movie)

ImageMotion Tracking (Animator)

Rollerball 2002 (Movie)

digital artist(digital.art.media/visual effects) (Visual Effects)

Anna and the King 1999 (Movie)

CG animator(Vision Art Design & Animation) (CGI Artist)

Jingle All the Way 1996 (Movie)

computer graphics animator(Visionart Design and Animation Inc) (CGI Artist)
Physical Effects (1)

Disney's A Christmas Carol 2009 (Movie)

Motion Capture Artist (Motion Control)