Oh Dal-su


Actor (23)

Detective K: Secret of the Lost Island 2015 (Movie)

Seo-Pil (Actor)

Troubleshooter 2014 (Movie)


Code Name: Jackal 2012 (Movie)


R2B: Return To Base 2012 (Movie)


The Thieves 2012 (Movie)


The Traffickers 2012 (Movie)


Head 2011 (Movie)


Foxy Festival 2010 (Movie)


Girlfriends 2009 (Movie)


Private Eye 2009 (Movie)

Oh Yeong-dal (Actor)

Thirst 2009 (Movie)

Young-du (Actor)

A Bloody Aria 2008 (Movie)

Oh-keun (Actor)

A Tale of Legendary Libido 2008 (Movie)

Kang-mok (Actor)

Eonni-ga Ganda 2007 (Movie)


Wooahan Segye 2007 (Movie)

Hyun-su (Actor)

Saibogeujiman Gwaenchanha 2006 (Movie)

Shin Duk-cheon (Actor)

Three Fellas 2006 (Movie)


Unbearable Lightness of Love 2006 (Movie)


Yeoreum Iyagi 2006 (Movie)


Crying Fist 2005 (Movie)


Dalkomhan Insaeng 2005 (Movie)


Old Boy 2005 (Movie)

Park Cheol-woong (Actor)

The President's Barber 2003 (Movie)