Olimpia Carlisi


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Animated Cartoons 2004 (Movie)


Vipera 2001 (Movie)


Il Dolce rumore della vita 1999 (Movie)

Prostitute (Actor)

Moon Spins Between Land and Sea 1996 (Movie)

The Sibyl (Actor)

Two Brothers, My Sister 1993 (Movie)

The Mother (Actor)

You Disturb Me 1990 (Movie)

Angela (Actor)

Etoile 1989 (Movie)


Rendez-vous 1987 (Movie)


L' Eveille du Pont d'Alma 1984 (Movie)


Prima del Futuro 1984 (Movie)

Woman (Actor)

Das Innere Bloss 1980 (Movie)


Il Minestrone 1979 (Movie)

Coffin Seller (Actor)

Dalla nube alla resistenza 1978 (Movie)

Nephele--The Cloud (Actor)

Il Casanova di Federico Fellini 1976 (Movie)

Isabella (Actor)

Le Milieu du Monde 1973 (Movie)

Adriana (Actor)

Giovinezza Giovinezza 1969 (Movie)

Olimpia (Actor)