Olivier Gourmet

Born: 07/21/1963 in Namur, , BE


Actor (68)

Jamais de la vie! 2015 (Movie)


L'affaire SK1 2015 (Movie)

Bougon (Actor)

Madame Bovary 2015 (Movie)

Monsieur Rouault (Actor)

Le monde nous appartient 2014 (Movie)

Freddy (Actor)

Legitime Defense 2014 (Movie)


Terre Battue 2014 (Movie)

Jérôme (Actor)

The Gate 2014 (Movie)


The Law of Violence 2014 (Movie)


Two Days, One Night 2014 (Movie)

Jean-Marc (Actor)

Violette 2014 (Movie)

Jacques Guérin (Actor)

Grand Central 2013 (Movie)

Gilles (Actor)

La marche 2013 (Movie)

Dubois (Actor)

Tenderness 2013 (Movie)

Frans (Actor)

Le guetteur 2012 (Movie)


The Kid with a Bike 2012 (Movie)

Special Guest Appearance (Actor)

Chez Gino 2011 (Movie)


Robert Mitchum est mort 2011 (Movie)

Arsène (Actor)

The Minister 2011 (Movie)


Altiplano 2010 (Movie)


Blanc comme neige 2010 (Movie)

Gregoire (Actor)

Mesrine: Public Enemy Number One 2010 (Movie)

Commissaire Broussard (Actor)

An Angel at Sea 2009 (Movie)


Bancs publics 2009 (Movie)


Black Venus 2009 (Movie)


Hidden Love 2009 (Movie)


Home 2009 (Movie)

Michel (Actor)

Lorna's Silence 2009 (Movie)

(Special Appearance) (Actor)

Pour un fils 2009 (Movie)

Omer (Actor)

Coluche, l'histoire d'un mec 2008 (Movie)


Go Fast 2008 (Movie)


Jacquou Le Croquant 2007 (Movie)

Le Cure Bonal (Actor)

Madonnen 2007 (Movie)


Pars Vite Et Reviens Tard 2007 (Movie)

Joss Le Guern (Actor)

Congorama 2006 (Movie)

Michel Roy (Actor)

L' Enfant 2006 (Movie)

Plainclothes officer (Actor)

Le Pont Des Arts 2006 (Movie)

Mereville (Actor)

Les Brigades Du Tigre 2006 (Movie)

Terrasson (Actor)

Mon Fils A Moi 2006 (Movie)


The Colonel 2006 (Movie)

Colonel Duplain (Actor)

When the Sea Rises 2006 (Movie)

The Policeman (Actor)

Le Couperet 2005 (Movie)

Raymond Machefer (Actor)

Le Parfum de la Dame en Noir 2005 (Movie)


Sauf le respect que je vous dois 2005 (Movie)

Francois (Actor)

Trouble 2005 (Movie)


Turtles Can Fly 2005 (Movie)

Olivier (Actor)

Everybody is a Killer 2004 (Movie)


Les Fautes d'orthographe 2004 (Movie)


Time of the Wolf 2004 (Movie)

Kowsloski (Actor)

The Son 2003 (Movie)

Olivier (Actor)

Where is Madame Catherine? 2003 (Movie)


Once Upon An Angel 2002 (Movie)


Read My Lips 2002 (Movie)

Marchand (Actor)

Safe Conduct 2002 (Movie)


Intimacy 2001 (Movie)

Andy (Actor)

Le Lait de la tendresse humaine 2001 (Movie)

Jean-Claude (Actor)

Mercredi, folle journee! 2001 (Movie)

Denis Pelloutier (Actor)

De l'Histoire ancienne 2000 (Movie)

Fabien (Actor)

National 7 2000 (Movie)

Rene (Actor)

Sauve-moi 2000 (Movie)


Un Moment de bonheur 2000 (Movie)

Betty's Father (Actor)

Nadia et les Hippopotames 1999 (Movie)

Andre (Actor)

Rosetta 1999 (Movie)

The Boss (Actor)

Those Who Love Me Can Take the Train 1999 (Movie)

Bernard (Actor)

Je suis vivante et je vous aime 1998 (Movie)

Etienne (Actor)

Out of Range 1998 (Movie)

District Attorney (Actor)

Peut-etre 1998 (Movie)


La Promesse 1997 (Movie)

Roger (Actor)

Le Mystere de la Chambre Jaune (Movie)

Robert Darzac (Actor)





"Le Fils"




"La Promesse"


"Hostel Party"

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"I tend to choose characters that are meaningful to me in human and concrete terms, with whom I can identify, whose errors monstrosity or humor I can understand, rather than caricatures or archetypal characters, who people get up with quickly."