Olivier Perrier

Born: 09/14/1940


Actor (11)

A Few Hours of Spring 2012 (Movie)


Of Gods and Men 2011 (Movie)

Bruno (Actor)

Anything for Her 2008 (Movie)

Julien's Father (Actor)

Rivals 2008 (Movie)


Blame It on Fidel 2007 (Movie)

Grandfather (Actor)

Les Destinees 2002 (Movie)

Philippe Pommerel (Actor)

Read My Lips 2002 (Movie)

Masson (Actor)

Gardien de la Nuit 1986 (Movie)

Lecoeur (Actor)

Faux Fuyants 1982 (Movie)

Serge (Actor)

A. Constant 1976 (Movie)

Alice LePlombier's Fiance (Actor)

Rude journee pour la reine 1972 (Movie)

Julien (Actor)