Olympics Round-Up: The Final Days, a First, and the Spice Girls

ALTHoly day fourteen, Batman. I can’t believe the Olympics have been going on for two weeks! It seems like just yesterday we were staring at the TV with our head slightly tilted trying to understand the marvel and mystery that was the Opening Ceremony. But alas — as the Brits would say; or am I confusing their lingo with that of old people? — the finish line is a mere 48 hours away. Our round-up time might be close to done, but our quest for medals continues. So, with that being said, let’s get to the rounding up.

We “Wannabe” There: I don’t know what’s more exciting: the fact that the Spice Girls were seen today rehearsing for the Closing Ceremony show? Or as a result, hottie David Beckham will probably get some more airtime because of it? Let’s call it a tie. In related news, other Brits rumored to also be performing at the show include: George Michael, Annie Lennox, Jessie J, Muse, and The Pet Shop Boys.

Born to Run: The men’s 4×400 meter relay race had more drama than a Keeping Up With the Kardashians marathon. We all remember the U.S.’s Manteo Mitchell in the semis. Poor guy broke his leg mid-race and kept running; like his life depended on it. His perseverance (and well, their time) earned Team USA a spot in the finals alongside the South Africans and double amputee Oscar Pistorius. His team also had to fight for their spot after one of their runners was tripped by a Kenyan runner in the prelim. They won the appeal and got to run in the finals, but they didn’t win the race (more like last). But hey, it’s an honor just to be nominated. Or whatever they say when you don’t win a race. The Americas fared better and took away the silver. The Bahamas got gold; but who can ever beat those island countries anyway? Apparently, the U.S. women, that’s who! Their 4×100 meter relay team not only won gold, but they ran it in a new world record time. They beat Jamaica; and nobody beats Jamaica. Just ask Usain Bolt.

Winning: As of today, American wrestler Jordan Burroughs has won 38 consecutive matches. No biggie. Oh, and did we mention that the last one was for a little thing called the gold medal? But this news doesn’t surprise the 24-year-old. He was so confident he was going to win his category (74-kilo), he had already mapped out his victory run from the mat to his parents’ seats in the stands. Confident? Yep. Correct? Oh, yeah!

Bikes. Yikes: The BMX finals were today. However unlike in Beijing — when Team USA brought home the hardware — this trip to the Olympics didn’t have the same happy ending. CliffsNotes version: We didn’t medal. The end.

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