OMG! Are Drake And Jennifer Lopez Seriously A Couple?

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We find it hard to believe Drake moved on from Rihanna (aka his muse/the love of his life) so fast, but it looks like the rapper may have set his sights on an older, more mature woman. So who could you possibly go for after dating the female embodiment of perfection? A legit legend, of course (and one who’s almost 20 years your senior). Drake and Jennifer Lopez appear to be an actual item.

Welp, that’s something we never thought we’d say.

Early Wednesday morning, Drake shared a very suspicious Instagram picture of the 47-year-old songstress lying in his lap while embraced in a giant bear hug. JLo also shared the photo on her own Instagram account around the same time. Is this a couple publicly announcing their relationship?

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We know Drake did the whole suspicious Instagram post thing with Taylor Swift a few weeks ago, and it sparked massive relationship rumors, but it turned out they were just making music. It’s definitely possible that Jenny from the block is collaborating with the rapper. There’s just one thing — over the weekend, Rihanna unfollowed JLo before the photo was even posted. That’s quite the burn for someone who’s just trying to work, work, work, work, work. Did Rihanna know something we didn’t?

It all seems pretty darn suspicious. Either they’re trying to make us think they’re dating or they actually are. What do you think? Are Drake and JLo a couple? 

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