‘Once Upon a Time’ Star Ginnifer Goodwin Turns 34: Dreams We Hope Come True

ginnifer goodwinAttention all Storybrooke lovers and fairytale believers: Today marks the 34th birthday of beautiful and talented actress Ginnifer Goodwin, who currently plays Snow White on ABC’s hit show, Once Upon a Time. And while we’ve seen Goodwin’s iconic character battle through some pretty tough obstacles throughout the series’ first season (dodging the wrath of an evil queen is no easy feat,) fans everywhere are hoping Season 2 will bring Snow some much needed happily ever afters.

So in honor of the actress’s birthday, Hollywood.com has imagined five dreams we hope come true for her character next season. We’ve learned all magic comes with a price — let’s just hope poor Snow isn’t the one who’s going to have to pay for it.

Reuniting With Prince Charming

This love story is always at the forefront of our minds during the show, but very rarely do we get to see them involved in any sort of romantic rendezvous. And while that kiss they shared at the end of the season finale was enough to make any hardcore romantic swoon, it’d be great if this reunion could last for a while. That magical purple smoke is sure to only cause trouble for the members of Storybrooke, but let’s hope these two don’t have to be ripped out of each others’ arms right away. Bring on the romance!

Getting Rid of That Pesky Stepmother

No family is perfect, but having to deal with the Evil Queen’s antics goes well beyond the call of stepdaughter duty. She and Charming should just grab Emma’s yellow bug and hightail it out of Storybrooke before Regina can recover the full might of her magical powers. Then these two lovebirds can go sip fruity drinks on a tropical island and never have to worry about that meddling woman ever again. Hey, a fairytale couple can dream, can’t they?

Maintaining Her “Fairest of Them All” Status

Now that the curse has been lifted, assuming all the fairytale characters will start aging again means Snow will have to start worrying about wrinkles just like the rest of us (remember, she’s been the same age for the past 28 years). She might want to consider investing in some powerful aging cream if she hopes to remain the fairest of them all for much longer.

Family Bonding

With her memory fully restored, Snow will remember that she not only has a daughter, but a grandson as well. And since, until this point, her family was dwindled down to just her, she’ll probably be overjoyed by this news and want to spend as much time with her family as possible. Let’s hope they all get the chance to reconnect because these characters have a lot of catching up to do and none of them seem to have Facebook.

Wardrobe Upgrade

Mary Margaret is about the sweetest woman you’ll ever meet, but her sweater-filled wardrobe is due for a major upgrade. Hopefully, now that she remembers she’s a princess, we’ll start to see a little more variety in her clothing apparel. Let’s see a little bit more of that kick-ass sword fighter we’ve grown to love. Maybe Emma will let her mom borrow her red leather jacket.

What do you wish to see for Ginnifer Goodwin this year? Share in the comments section.


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