Oprah Winfrey Becoming a High School Teacher

oprah winfreyThe Oprah Winfrey show may be over, but her work has only begun.  Oprah just recently got back from a trip to the school she opened in South Africa, but plans on returning again soon not just to visit, but to teach!  Miss O has developed a very strong bond with the students at this school and praises them saying, “I love being with them and talking to them about all things important. When I’m there I’m talking from the time I get up till I go to bed, about EVERYTHING teenage girls are going through. It’s the same all over the world.”

Oprah revealed her plans to teach a class this fall called It’s Life 101 which encompasses all the things she wished someone had told her while growing up about how the world works.  Seriously, sign me up for this class!  Oprah herself is excited about this new transition stating, “Should be fun since I love to teach. And they’re like sponges…like 12th graders everywhere, this first class is both anxious and excited about going to college. Most will be the first in their family. So it’s a very big deal for them, and they’re feeling the pressure.”  Well there’s nothing like a big dish of Oprah advice to help ease all of your worries.  And if she wanted to throw a free car into the mix as they head off to college, I’m sure they wouldn’t be opposed to that either.

Source: Popeater