Oscars 2012: Halle Berry Cancels on Oscars After Injury (Again!)

Halle BerryTonight, the Academy Awards will be marked by the notable absence of a would-be presenter: Halle Berry, who had to call off her Oscars obligation due to a broken foot she suffered on the set of her new film, Cloud Atlas. Although this is hardly the first time Berry has hurt herself while shooting a movie, the latest incident is definitely the strangest—Berry incurred the injury tripping over a rock after chasing down her three year-old daughter Nahla, who herself was on her own high-speed prowl: of a goat. So, if you thought that movie stars didn’t have to deal with everyday problems like goat-chasing, you’d have been sadly mistaken.

Oddly, Berry is no stranger to occupational hazards. The actress has a long history of hurting herself while shooting movies. In 2002, Berry nearly choked on the set of Die Another Day, apparently trying to sell her Bond Girl character’s sex appeal a little too vigorously while eating a piece of fruit. Luckily, costar Pierce Brosnan took quick note of Berry’s asphyxiation and came to her aid. A year later, Berry broke her arm on the set of Gothika, and followed that incident with a Catwoman head injury. But, all that considered, it’s pretty hard to top “goat” in the “Cause of Injury” list.

And to think, of all the animals she’s worked with lately, goats hardly seem the most threatening…
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Source: People