Otto Waldis


Actor (13)

Judgment at Nuremberg 1961 (Movie)

Pohl (Actor)

Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman 1958 (Movie)

Dr Von Loeb (Actor)

Pier 5 Havana 1958 (Movie)

Schluss (Actor)

Man From Del Rio 1956 (Movie)


Artists and Models 1955 (Movie)

Kurt (Actor)

Desert Sands 1955 (Movie)

Gabin (Actor)

Sincerely Yours 1955 (Movie)

Zwolinski (Actor)

Knock on Wood 1954 (Movie)

Brodnik (Actor)

The Iron Glove 1954 (Movie)

King George (Actor)

Flight to Tangier 1953 (Movie)

Wisil (Actor)

Anything Can Happen 1951 (Movie)


The Black Castle 1951 (Movie)


Letter From an Unknown Woman 1948 (Movie)

Concierge (Actor)