Lena Dunham: Our Favorite Selfies

Lena Dunham, InstagramInstagram

Lena Dunham recently stirred up a lot of controversy by posing on the cover of Vogue. Some of Dunham’s fans thought that her image was at odds with the image of herself that she presents on her show Girls. Dunham’s nude body is frequently featured on the show, and she makes little effort to glamorize herself, which is refreshing in a world of Photoshop and unattainable celebrity bodies. Feminist website Jezebel demanded $10,000 for unretouched images of the shoot, angry that Dunham’s image appeared photoshopped. 

It seems that Dunham is very honest about herself and her body, and her Instagram really shows that. She has a lot of selfies, but most are goofy rather than glam, though she always looks great. Check out the best of her Instagram in our gallery. 

GALLERY: Lena Dunham’s Best Selfies