Paquin blasts online impostors

The True Blood star admits she logs on social networking websites to connect with pals but is asking her peers to stay clear of pages listed under her real name, because they’re filled with lies.

She says, “I have a private Facebook page that’s obviously not listed as Anna Paquin but there is also somebody on Facebook who is pretending to be me. In the last month I’ve been ‘engaged’, I’ve been in the hospital and evidently my ‘manager’, who is indeed writing on it, can’t spell or use grammar. They have this whole world going about me, and things that I’ve said and pictures of the ring when I got ‘engaged’. It’s awesome.

Paquin also urges fans to take a close look at pictures posted by hackers before befriending her online – insisting she’d never upload photos of herself from the tabloids.

In a sarcastic rant, she adds, “Obviously, if it were my Facebook page I would use paparazzi and magazine pictures of myself, because I’m just that conceited.”.