Will Paris Hilton’s New Album Make Her Relevant Again?

Will Paris Hilton’s New Album Make Her Relevant Again?

Although the era surrounding her reality show The Simple Life  has Paris Hilton as America’s “it girl,” recent years (ever since the Kardashian klan kruised in) have pushed her to the background of pop culture. But with a cameo in Sofia Coppola’s Bling Ring and a new album that is nearly complete, Paris is pouncing back into action. As the Hilton heiress would say, That’s hot!”

It was seven years ago that Paris released her last musical effort, her self-titled album, which included the Billboard’s Top 10 single “Stars Are Blind.” Now, the occasional music artist, who recently signed with Lil Wayne’s Cash Money Records, reveals that her follow-up album is “almost finished.”

In an interview with The Daily Beast, the socialite shared a few details about her revived music career. “I’m in the studio and almost finished with the album … they’re just finishing up all the paperwork and there will be an announcement soon.” Hilton adds, “Lil Wayne and some other surprise guests will be on the album, and it’s going to be so sick. It’s an electropop album with some dance-y songs.”

I for one am was a sucker for Paris’ 2006 track “Nothing in this World.” Despite the obviously auto-tunned vocals, the beat is catchy and the lyrics are a lot of fun. If Paris’ future album features tunes anything like her old jams, I know I’ll order myself a copy.

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