Paris Hilton’s Tears Over Her Own Album

Aspiring pop star Paris Hilton is so thrilled with her debut album Paris, she cries with joy whenever she hears it.

The hotel heiress insists her disc is truly great, and can’t believe it has been embraced on the club circuit.

But she knows clubbers will only dance to her tracks if they don’t realize it is her.

Hilton says, “I, like, cry, when I listen to it, it’s so good.

“People love it. Everyone’s like, ‘Who is this?’ I don’t tell. Because I don’t want someone putting their phone up and recording it and making a ring tone off of it.

“I think when people don’t know it’s me, they won’t judge it. But if they know it’s me, then they’ll be like, ‘Ugh.’ They won’t even dance.”

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