Pastore thanks Dillon brothers for acting help

Pastore told the Dillons all about his dreams of becoming a professional actor over drinks in the New Rochelle bar they used to frequent – and they plotted to get their pal a part.

He tells’s Let’s Do Lunch!, “I was doing community theatre at the time and Matt looked at me and said, ‘Kevin, why don’t you help Vinnie out.’ The next day Kevin started guiding me towards what I’m doing now.”

And now Pastore is helping other wannabes make it big – he’s planning a series of acting classes for the New Year.

He explains, “A lot of people I know that want to be actors saw The Sopranos and they thought it was easy, so I’m putting some theatre class together to teach acting in January in New York’s Hells Kitchen.

“I got some beginners, about 12 students coming in. I just don’t want anybody coming to my class. I got to meet them first and see if they are really serious about it.”