Pat Boone

Singer, Actor, Writer
Though frequently dismissed by critics and music cognoscenti as the ultimate whitebread performer, the undeniable fact remained that Pat Boone was one of the most successful pop music performers of the 20th century ... Read more »
Born: 06/01/1934 in Jacksonville, Florida, USA


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("O Say Can You See") (Song Performer)

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("All Hands on Deck" "I've Got It Made" "Somewhere There's Home" "You Mean Everything to Me") (Song Performer)

Journey to the Center of the Earth 1959 (Movie)

("Twice As Tall" "The Faithful Heart" "My Love Is Like a Red Red Rose" "My Heart's in the Highlands") (Song Performer)

Mardi Gras 1958 (Movie)

("The Mardi Gras March" "I'll Remember Tonight" "Loyalty" "A Fiddle a Rifle an Axe and a Bible" "Bourbon Street Blues" "Stonewall Jackson") (Song Performer)

Friendly Persuasion 1956 (Movie)

(Song Performer)

The Perfect Specimen (Movie)



Though frequently dismissed by critics and music cognoscenti as the ultimate whitebread performer, the undeniable fact remained that Pat Boone was one of the most successful pop music performers of the 20th century, with over 30 Top 40 hits to his name, as well as an actor, television host, philanthropist and businessman. The key to Boone's appeal in the 1950s and early 1960s was his ability to translate R&B and rock songs by black artists into smooth, palatable pop for white audiences, including gently boppy takes on "Tutti Fruitti," "I Almost Lost My Mind" and "Long Tall Sally." Though his versions of the songs lacked the intensity and sexual heat of Elvis Presley's material, both men found their fame from the same material, and though they took completely divergent paths in their careers, both could be ultimately credited for both legitimizing rock and roll for mass audiences and bringing attention to black artists in a period when mainstream radio refused to play their music. Boone's time in the pop spotlight faded with the arrival of The Beatles, but he remained a fixture of Christian music and secular television for the next four decades. No matter what one thought of Boone, his music or his image, the sheer scope of his work as a singer and entertainer was impossible to deny.


Cheryl Lynn Boone


Laura Gene Boone


Linda Lee Boone


Shirley Boone

daughter of country star Red Foley married in 1953

Deborah Boone Actor

famous for "You Light Up My Life" married to Miguel Ferrer

Mary Boone

died on March 20, 2000 at age 90


University of North Texas

Denton , Texas

David Lipscomb College

Nashville , Tennessee

Columbia University

New York , New York
graduated magna cum laude



Released album of heavy metal music, "No More Mr. Nice Guy"


Co-hosted series "Wish You Were Here" on The Nashville Network


Made TV-movie debut, "The Pigeon" (ABC)


Co-starred in "Journey to the Center of the Earth" in non-singing role


Signed motion picture contract with Fox; made screen debut in "Bernadine"


Appeared regularly on "Arthur Godfrey and His Friends"


Won "Ted Mack's Amateur Hour"


Sang for first time on radio

Appeared with his family in several holiday specials for ABC

Starred in "The Pat Boone Show" (NBC, 1966-1967; syndicated 1967-1968)

Hosted the variety series "The Pat Boone-Chevy Showroom" (ABC)

Bonus Trivia


He is descended from pioneer Daniel Boone.


Pat Boone is a regent of Oral Roberts University.


Lore has it that Pat Boone only wore white bucks on TV because they were the only good pair of shoes he had at the time. They became his trademark.


Pat Boone and his wife Shirley prayed at the bedside of Rock Hudson while Hudson was dying of AIDS. Shirley told reporters she'd spoken in tongues to Hudson. Boone also was involved with Bob Dylan's short-lived conversion to Christianity.


Boone is one of the major shareholders of KDOC Channel 56, an independent TV station in Orange County, California


Boone shocked people by appearing on the 1997 American Music Awards decked out in blakc leather with fake tatooes.