Pat Evison

Born: 06/01/1924


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Grampire 1992 (Movie)

Leah (Actor)

What the Moon Saw 1990 (Movie)

Pearl Wilson (Actor)

The Silent One 1989 (Movie)

Luisa (Actor)

A Street to Die 1984 (Movie)

Sister Sweet (Actor)

Emma's War 1984 (Movie)

Miss Arnott (Actor)

Hanging Together 1984 (Movie)

Mrs Tebble (Actor)

Starstruck 1982 (Movie)

Nana Mullens (Actor)

The Clinic 1981 (Movie)

Alda (Actor)

The Earthling 1981 (Movie)

Meg Neilson (Actor)

Tim 1979 (Movie)

Emily Melville (Actor)

Caddie 1975 (Movie)

Mrs Norris (Actor)