Pat O'Brien

Actor, Insurance salesman
A veteran Irish-American lead and character player, Pat O'Brien is best known as one of the cynical reporters in the sterling first screen version of the Broadway play, "The Front Page" (1931), the title role (opposite ... Read more »
Born: 11/11/1899 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA


Actor (89)

Ragtime 1981 (Movie)

Delmas (Actor)

Scout's Honor 1980 - 1981 (TV Show)


The End 1978 (Movie)

Ben Lawson (Actor)

Billy Jack Goes to Washington 1975 (Movie)

Vice President (Actor)

ABC's Matinee Today 1973 - 1974 (TV Show)


Amanda Fallon 1972 - 1973 (TV Show)


Super Comedy Bowl 1 1970 - 1971 (TV Show)


The Phynx 1969 (Movie)

Pat O'Brien (Actor)

Town Tamer 1964 (Movie)

Judge Murcott (Actor)

The United States Steel Hour 1953 - 1963 (TV Show)


Some Like It Hot 1959 (Movie)

Mulligan (Actor)

The Last Hurrah 1958 (Movie)

John Gorman (Actor)

Crossroads 1955 - 1957 (TV Show)


Front Row Center 1954 - 1956 (TV Show)


Operation Entertainment 1954 - 1955 (TV Show)


The Fireball 1950 (Movie)

Father O'Hara (Actor)

The Boy With Green Hair 1948 (Movie)

Gramp Fry (Actor)

Secret Command 1944 (Movie)


Bombardier 1942 (Movie)

Maj. Chick Davis (Actor)

The Iron Major 1942 (Movie)


The Navy Comes Through 1941 (Movie)

Chief Michael 'Mike' Mallory (Actor)

Knute Rockne - All American 1939 (Movie)

Knute Rockne (Actor)

Boy Meets Girl 1938 (Movie)

J Carlyle Benson (Actor)

Cowboy From Brooklyn 1938 (Movie)

Roy Chadwick (Actor)

Angels With Dirty Faces 1937 (Movie)

Jerry Connolly (Actor)

San Quentin 1936 (Movie)

Capt. Stephen Jameson (Actor)

The Great O'Malley 1936 (Movie)

James Aloysius O'Malley (Actor)

China Clipper 1935 (Movie)


The Front Page 1931 (Movie)

Hildy Johnson (Actor)

Fury of the Wild 1928 (Movie)


'Til We Meet Again (Movie)

Steve Burke (Actor)

A Dangerous Profession (Movie)

Farley (Actor)

Air Mail (Movie)

Duke Talbot (Actor)

American Madness (Movie)

Matt Brown (Actor)

Back in Circulation (Movie)

Bill Morgan (Actor)

Bar 20 Justice (Movie)

Frazier (Actor)

Broadway (Movie)

Dan McCorn (Actor)

Bureau of Missing Persons (Movie)

Butch Saunders (Actor)

Castle on the Hudson (Movie)

Warden Walter Long (Actor)

Ceiling Zero (Movie)

Jake Lee (Actor)

Climax! (TV Show)


College Coach (Movie)

Coach Gore (Actor)

Consolation Marriage (Movie)

Steve Rollo (Actor)

Crack-Up (Movie)

George Steele (Actor)

Devil Dogs of the Air (Movie)

Lt. William Brannigan (Actor)

Doomed Caravan (Movie)

Jim Ferber (Actor)

Fighting Father Dunne (Movie)

Father Dunne (Actor)

Final Edition (Movie)

Sam Bradshaw (Actor)

Flight Lieutenant (Movie)

Sam Doyle (Actor)

Flirtation Walk (Movie)

Sgt. Scrapper Thornhill (Actor)

Flowing Gold (Movie)

Hap O'Connor (Actor)

Gambling Lady (Movie)

Charlie Lang (Actor)

Having Wonderful Crime (Movie)

Michael J. Malone (Actor)

Hawaiian Buckaroo (Movie)

Stephen Wainwright (Actor)

Here Comes the Navy (Movie)

Biff Martin (Actor)

His Butler's Sister (Movie)

Martin Murphy (Actor)

Hollywood Speaks (Movie)

Jimmie Reed (Actor)

I Married a Doctor (Movie)

Dr. William P. Kennicott (Actor)

In Caliente (Movie)

Lawrence "Larry" MacArthur (Actor)

Indianapolis Speedway (Movie)

Joe Greer (Actor)

Kill Me Tomorrow (Movie)

Bart Crosbie (Actor)

Kiss Me... Kill Me (TV Show)


Kraft Television Theater (TV Show)


Man Alive (Movie)

Speed (Actor)

Marine Raiders (Movie)

Maj. Steven Lockhard (Actor)

Off the Record (Movie)

Thomas "Breezy" Elliott (Actor)

Oil for the Lamps of China (Movie)

Stephen Chase (Actor)

Okinawa (Movie)

Lieutenant Commander Hale (Actor)

Outlawed Guns (Movie)

Babe Rivers (Actor)

Panamint's Bad Man (Movie)

Carl Adams (Actor)

Public Enemy's Wife (Movie)

Lee Laird (Actor)

Scandal for Sale (Movie)

Waddell (Actor)

Slightly Honorable (Movie)

John Webb (Actor)

Slim (Movie)

Red Blayd (Actor)

Submarine D-1 (Movie)

Butch Rogers (Actor)

The Fighting 69th (Movie)

Father Duffy (Actor)

The Irish in Us (Movie)

Pat O'Hara (Actor)

The Kid from Kokomo (Movie)

Bill Murphy (Actor)

The Over-the-Hill Gang (TV Show)


The Sky's the Limit (Movie)

Abner Therman (Actor)

The Strange Case of Clara Deane (Movie)

Frank Deane (Actor)

The World Gone Mad (Movie)

Andy Terrell (Actor)

Torrid Zone (Movie)

Steve Case (Actor)

Two Yanks in Trinidad (Movie)

Tim Reardon (Actor)

Virtue (Movie)

Jimmy Doyle (Actor)

Women Are Like That (Movie)

Bill Landin (Actor)


A veteran Irish-American lead and character player, Pat O'Brien is best known as one of the cynical reporters in the sterling first screen version of the Broadway play, "The Front Page" (1931), the title role (opposite Ronald Reagan) in "Knute Rockne--All American" (1940) and as Jimmy Cagney's clerical confidante in "Angels With Dirty Faces" (1938).


Brigid O'Brien


Mavourneen O'Brien


Sean O'Brien


Terry O'Brien


William O'Brien

son of Irish immigrants

Margaret O'Brien

daughter of Irish immigrants

Eloise Taylor

married from 1931 until his death


Marquette University

Milwaukee , Wisconsin

American Academy of Dramatic Arts

New York , New York

Marquette Academy

Milwaukee , Wisconsin
Jesuit prep school; met fellow actor Spencer Tracy



Final film role, playing Delmas in Milos Forman's "Ragtime", also starring Cagney in his final role


Final TV-movie role, co-starring in the Gary Coleman vehicle "Scout's Honor"


Played Howard's uncle Joe on "Happy Days" (ABC)


With Myrna Loy, co-starred as Burt Reynolds parents in the black comedy "The End"


Portrayed the US Vice President in the sequel/remake "Billy Jack Goes to Washington"


Starred as a doctor in "The Other Woman", an installment of of the daytime drama special series "ABC's Matinee Today"


Starred as a retired Texas Ranger who reenters law enforcement to clean up a besieged small town in the ABC TV-movie "The Over-the-Hill Gang", co-starring such fellow veterans as Walter Brennan and Andy Devine


Lone film credit of the decade, co-starring role in the Western "Town Tamer"


Starred as a maverick veteran lawyer partnered with his newly practicing by-the-book son in the ABC sitcom "Harrigan and Son"


Had a featured role in the Billy Wilder classic "Some Like it Hot", playing the cop trailing the gangsters and the bumbling heros in drag


Starred with Tracy in John Ford's political drama "The Last Hurrah"


Co-starred in "Inside Detroit", a dramatized expose of corruption in the US auto industry


Played the Commander of a Navy warship leading an attack on Japan in "Okinawa", a WWII action drama


Featured in "The People Against O'Hara"; paired with Spencer Tracy, who had never starred in a film with O'Brien despite their longtime friendship


As Father O'Hara in "The Fireball", runs the orphanage that Mickey Rooney's rollerskating champ flees


Played Gramp, a lovable ex-vaudevillean who serves as guardian to "The Boy with Green Hair", an orphaned and tormented youngster played by Dean Stockwell


Starred in "Fighting Father Dunne" as a parish priest in 1900s St Louis trying to help the street urchin newsboys


Starred with Anne Jeffreys in the adventure "Riffraff", playing private eye Dan Hammer


Starred as a lawyer trying to keep his clients out of trouble on their honeymoon in the zany but predictable caper "Having Wonderful Crime"


Was star of the jungle-set WWII adventure "Marine Raiders"


Played Major Chick Davis, a commander in charge of turning cadets into fighter pilots in the quasi-documentary "Bombardier"


Starred with George Raft in the second film adaptation of the Prohibition-set "Broadway"


Starred as the titular Notre Dame coach in "Knute Rockne, All American"; producers initially wanted Cagney for the role but Rockne's widow insisted upon O'Brien


Played Father Francis Duffy, the beloved chaplain of WWI's famed New York Irish regiment in "The Fighting 69th"


Played the priest opposite Cagney's gangster in "Angels With Dirty Faces", Michael Curtiz's iconic portrait of childhood friends who take different paths


Reteamed with Bacon and Cagney, playing a wisecracking screenwriter in the fast-moving Hollywood spoof "Boy Meets Girl"


Reteamed with Cagney in Howard Hawks' "Ceiling Zero"


Featured in Bacon's "Devil Dogs of the Air" and "The Irish In Us" with James Cagney


First film with James Cagney, Lloyd Bacon's "Here Comes the Navy"


Played a studio head in Victor Fleming's Hollywood satire "Bombshell", starring Jean Harlow


Breakthrough film role, Hildy Johnson in "The Front Page"


Had an uncredited turn as a police detective in "Compliments of the Season"


Joined a traveling stock theater company

Rented an apartment in Manhattan with Tracy; attended acting classes paid for with his veteran's stipend

Cast alongside Tracy in the science fiction play "R.U.R."

Continued to actively perform on stage, working in regional touring theater productions with his wife Eloise Taylor and starring in a popular nightclub comedy act

Returned to Milwaukee to look after his ill father; resumed law studies; when father recovered, returned to NYC

Returned to Milwaukee, graduated high school and attended law school

Met lifelong friend Spencer Tracy in high school in Milwaukee

While visiting relatives in NYC, cast as a dancer in the Broadway production "Adrienne"

Joined the US Navy during World War I; saw no combat

Performed on several of early television's drama showcases including "Kraft Television Theater" and "Ford Television Theater" (both NBC then ABC)

Returned to Milwaukee at a girlfriend's urging; worked as insurance salesman; was soon back in NYC, acting on stage