Patricia Quinn

"Michael Rennie was ill/ The Day The Earth Stood Still. " These famous opening lines from "Science Fiction, Double Feature," the intro musical number in "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" (1975), mark one of Irish actress ... Read more »
Born: 05/27/1944 in Belfast, , IE


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The Lords of Salem 2013 (Movie)

Megan (Actor)

Tamara Drewe 2010 (Movie)

Posh Hippy (Actor)

Marlon Brando: Breaking All the Rules 1996 - 1997 (TV Show)


The Countess Alice 1992 - 1993 (TV Show)


Monty Python's The Meaning of Life 1982 (Movie)


Shock Treatment 1981 (Movie)

Nation Mckinley (Actor)

Hawk The Slayer 1980 (Movie)

Woman (Actor)

An Unmarried Woman 1978 (Movie)

Sue (Actor)

The Outsider 1978 (Movie)

Siobhan (Actor)

Beauty and the Beast 1976 - 1977 (TV Show)


The Rocky Horror Picture Show 1975 (Movie)

Magenta (Actor)

Shoot Out 1970 (Movie)

Juliana (Actor)

Zachariah 1970 (Movie)

Belle Starr (Actor)

Alice's Restaurant 1969 (Movie)

Alice (Actor)

James Joyce's Ulysses (TV Show)


Lost Empires (TV Show)


Shoulder to Shoulder (TV Show)


The Box of Delights (Movie)

Sylvia Daisy Pouncer (Actor)
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The Lords of Salem 2013 (Movie)

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Connie and Carla 2004 (Movie)

("Time Warp (from 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show')") (Song Performer)


"Michael Rennie was ill/ The Day The Earth Stood Still. " These famous opening lines from "Science Fiction, Double Feature," the intro musical number in "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" (1975), mark one of Irish actress Patricia Quinn's most iconic roles - she was the face behind the glossy red lips that seduced audiences around the world. The theater-trained actress (and one-time Playboy bunny) created the role of oddball Magenta in the 1973 London production of "The Rocky Horror Show," and starred in the BBC mini-series "Shoulder to Shoulder" (1974) before appearing as the otherworldly housemaid in the feature adaptation of Richard O'Brien's retro-futuristic musical. Quinn acted opposite Derek Jacobi on the star-studded BBC series "I, Claudius" (1976) and played an incestuous doctor in the unofficial "Rocky Horror" sequel "Shock Treatment" (1981). With later roles in another cult musical - Monty Python's 1983 satire "The Meaning of Life" - and Rob Zombie's devil music horror film "The Lords of Salem" (2012), Lady Quinn (she inherited the title from her second husband, the late actor Sir Robert Stephens), showcased the vibrant energy and versatile talent that took her from the casino to the screen and beyond.

Growing up in Belfast, Ireland didn't hold much appeal for the artistic Quinn. After studying briefly at the British Drama League and a local arts theatre, seventeen-year-old Quinn packed her bags for London. By 1969 she was juggling her studies at the London Drama Centre with her job as a casino bunny in the city's newly opened Playboy Club. She began appearing in small stage productions in both London and Glasgow, and was transitioning to TV when a chance audition led to her being cast as Magenta in "The Rocky Horror Show." The play, an homage to '50s science-fiction B-movies, became an immediate success. Quinn, however, who sang the fan favorite "Science Fiction, Double Feature" in the play (but not the movie - O'Brien's vocals were dubbed in), was determined to avoid being pigeonholed. And even though she turned in a memorable performance as a determined suffragette in the TV mini-series "Shoulder to Shoulder," Magenta was waiting for her.

Quinn returned to the flamboyant housemaid in the big-screen adaptation of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show," which was a total flop upon release. The headstrong actress pulled a 180 degree turn with a follow-up role as the ambitious Livilla, Claudius' resentful sister, in the critically-acclaimed "I, Claudius." A few years later she reunited with much of the original "Rocky Horror" cast in "Shock Treatment," which satirized the increasingly hysterical culture of audience participation that surrounded the now-cult film. She landed a small but memorable role as a sex-ed demonstrator in Monty Python's sprawling "The Meaning of Life," and worked steadily through the 1990s and 2000s. Balancing a schedule that found her attending film conventions and "Rocky Horror" gatherings around the world with smaller roles in horror films, one of Quinn's most notable later roles came as a sadistic witch in Rob Zombie's "The Lords of Salem."


Chris Larkin


Robert Stephens


Toby Stephens



Drama Centre




Appeared in Monty Python's " The Meaning of Life"


Re-united with Richard O'Brien in "Shock Treatment"


Featured as Claudius' sister in the BBC mini-series "I, Claudius"


Starred as Magenta in the film adaptation of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"


Cast on the BBC mini-series " Shoulder to Shoulder"


Made TV debut on "Dead or Alive?"

Appeared in Rob Zombie's "The Lords of Salem"

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Was the owner of the infamous red lips featured in the iconic opening sequence of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show."


Worked in the casino at the Playboy Club London while starting out as an actress in the early 1970s.


Frequently attends horror conventions and "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" celebrations around the U.S. and U.K.


Nephew Jonny Quinn is the drummer for polular Irish indie band Snow Patrol; she performed "The Time Warp" at his wedding in August 2008.


"The stage and screen were completely different. The stage version didn’t have the castle setting or the Transylvanians. The movie had a lot of surprises and I didn’t know what was going on from day to day. We were at the dinner scene and Tim pulls the cloth off and there is Meatloaf underneath and everyone screamed because they had no clue he was under there. The movie was made so fast and the crew had no time to talk to the cast." - from, Nov. 19, 2010