Patrick Dempsey Death Hoax: Other Celebs Still Alive & Kicking

Patrick Dempsey Death Hoax: Other Celebs Still Alive & Kicking

Patrick Dempsey
Patrick Dempsey at The UK premiere of 'Transformers: Dark Of The Moon' at the BFI IMAX. London, England 06-26-2011

patrick dempseyThanks to the wonderful world of social media, it’s become extremely easy for celebrities to fall victim to death rumors. They’re hoaxes on the laziest level, yes, but still, the rumors manage to send fans (including yours truly) into full-on panic attacks. So in memory of all our misdirected tears, here’s a look back at a few Hollywood stars who have recently fallen prey to the infamous death hoax and lived to tell the tale.

Celebrity: Patrick Dempsey

Supposed Cause of Death: Automobile accident

Dempsey is the latest victim of a death scare, but fear not: McDreamy is not McDead. (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.) Since the “news” broke today, the actor logged onto Twitter to assure fans he’s still alive. “Hi I am back From the dead!,” Dempsey tweeted. Let’s all breath a collective sigh of relief that Mer-Der will live to grace our televisions screens another day.

Celebrity: Celine Dion

Supposed Cause of Death: Plane crash and/or car accident (apparently Twitter peeps had a hard time keeping their story straight)

The singer announced on March 19 that she would be returning to the stage at Caesar’s Palace starting on June 9 — something that would be extremely hard to do if she was, in fact, no longer in the land of the living.

Celebrity: Justin Bieber

Supposed Cause of Death: Bieber Fever. Just kidding. His death fell to the hands of the hashtag (#RIP Justin Bieber), which spread like wildfire throughout the social media site, but no specific cause of death was posted.

The teen heartthrob remains highly active on Twitter and just released his new single “Boyfriend” earlier this week. So unless he’s tweeting and composing singles beyond the grave, it’s safe to say the Biebster still walks among us.

Celebrity: Paul McCartney

Supposed Cause of Death: Car accident

E! News confirmed the music icon was alive and well on March 22, sending many fans into Beatlemania overdrive. All we need is McCartney!

Celebrity: Eddie Murphy

Supposed Cause of Death: Snowboarding accident

E! News confirmed the funnyman was “alive and doing just fine” after the hailstorm of tweets began to die down, so to speak. So don’t worry, we can still expect A Thousand Words (probably more) from this actor for many years to come.

Celebrity: Keanu Reeves

Supposed Cause of Death: Snowboarding accident

The actor neglected to personally comment on the situation (probably because it was just so bogus), but multiple media outlets confirmed the rumor was 100 percent fake. Now we can all keep our fingers crossed for Bill & Ted 3.

Celebrity: Chris Brown

Supposed Cause of Death: Death by Hashtag (#RIP Chris Brown)

After the rumor began to circulate, Brown posted a tweet (that has since been removed) on the social media site: “DEAR MEDIA.. Ur plan is not working.. I’m not going anywhere so get used to me.” It doesn’t do much from a likability standpoint, but it certainly clears up any confusion. Message received.

Celebrity: Rihanna

Supposed Cause of Death: Plane crash

Unlike Brown, Rihanna didn’t directly address the death hoax issue, but she remains active as ever, posting topless pics of herself on Twitter and denying Hollywood romances. Long live RiRi!

Celebrity: Adele

Supposed Cause of Death: Death by Hashtag (#RIP Adele)

The British songstress is anything but dead, as proved by her massive Grammys sweep. And it’s a good thing too, since it’s unclear what the break-up community did before she was around. How would we survive without her?


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