Paul Bolger


Visual Effects & Animation (9)

The Clearing 2004 (Movie)

Main Titles(Digital Film Works Inc) (Main Title Design)

Carnivale 1999 (Movie)

character designer (Visual Effects)

Carnivale 1999 (Movie)

(Animation Director)

The Sender 1997 - 1998 (TV Show)

Visual Effects

Pippi Longstocking 1997 (Movie)

animation design (Animator)

Arabian Knight 1995 (Movie)


Cool World 1992 (Movie)


All Dogs Go to Heaven 1989 (Movie)

animator assistant (Effects Assistant)

The Land Before Time 1988 (Movie)

rough animation inbetweener (Inbetweener)
Art Department (3)

Shaun the Sheep Movie 2015 (Movie)

(Storyboard Artist)

The Pirates! Band of Misfits 2012 (Movie)

(Storyboard Artist)

Arthur Christmas 2011 (Movie)

Story Artist (Storyboard Artist)
Director (2)

Happily N'Ever After 2007 (Movie)


Help! I'm A Fish 2000 (Movie)

sequence director (Segment Director)
Camera, Film, & Tape (2)

Finishing the Game 2007 (Movie)

DI Scanning(Cos FX) (Film Lab)

Minority Report 2002 (Movie)

Scanning and Recording(Digital Filmworks) (Film Lab)
Executive (1)

Moulin Rouge 2001 (Movie)

vice president(Digital Filmworks) (Executive)
Sound (1)

No More Boomerang 1987 (Movie)

Other (4)

Felidae 1994 (Movie)

character design (Other)

Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll 1991 (Movie)

(Production Assistant)

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century 1979 (Movie)

opticals (Other)

Full Eclipse (TV Show)