Paul Fix

Prolific, gentle-mannered, wry-faced character player in films from the early 1920s usually as lawmen, gangsters and taxi-drivers. Fix often appeared in Westerns and co-starred as the sheriff on TV's "The Rifleman" ... Read more »
Born: 03/13/1901 in Dobbs Ferry, New York, USA


Actor (133)

The Rebels 1978 - 1979 (TV Show)


Wanda Nevada 1979 (Movie)

Texas Curly (Actor)

Grayeagle 1978 (Movie)

Running Wolf (Actor)

The City 1976 - 1977 (TV Show)


Cahill, United States Marshal 1972 (Movie)

Old Man (Actor)

Night of the Lepus 1972 (Movie)

Sheriff Cody (Actor)

Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid 1972 (Movie)

Maxwell (Actor)

Something Big 1971 (Movie)


Dirty Dingus Magee 1970 (Movie)

Crazy Blanket (Actor)

Shoot Out 1970 (Movie)

Brakeman (Actor)

Zabriskie Point 1970 (Movie)

Cafe Owner (Actor)

The Undefeated 1969 (Movie)

General Joe Masters (Actor)

Young Billy Young 1969 (Movie)

Charlie (Actor)

Day of the Evil Gun 1967 (Movie)

Sheriff Kelso (Actor)

The Ballad of Josie 1967 (Movie)

Alpheus Minick (Actor)

Welcome to Hard Times 1967 (Movie)

Major Munn (Actor)

Winchester '73 1966 - 1967 (TV Show)


El Dorado 1966 (Movie)

Doc Miller (Actor)

Baby, the Rain Must Fall 1965 (Movie)

Judge Ewing (Actor)

Nevada Smith 1965 (Movie)

Sheriff Bonnell (Actor)

Ride Beyond Vengeance 1965 (Movie)

Hanley (Actor)

Shenandoah 1965 (Movie)

Dr Tom Witherspoon (Actor)

The Sons of Katie Elder 1965 (Movie)

Sheriff Billy Wilson (Actor)

Mail Order Bride 1963 (Movie)

Jess Linley (Actor)

The Outrage 1963 (Movie)

Indian (Actor)

The Rifleman 1958 - 1963 (TV Show)


To Kill a Mockingbird 1962 (Movie)

Judge Taylor (Actor)

Hell Bent For Glory 1958 (Movie)

US General (Actor)

Guns, Girls and Gangsters 1957 (Movie)

Lou Largo (Actor)

Jet Pilot 1957 (Movie)

Major Rexford (Actor)

Man in the Shadow 1957 (Movie)

Herb Parker (Actor)

Night Passage 1957 (Movie)

Mr Feeney (Actor)

Giant 1956 (Movie)

Dr Horace Lynnton (Actor)

Santiago 1956 (Movie)

Trasker (Actor)

Star in the Dust 1956 (Movie)

Mike MacNamara (Actor)

The Bad Seed 1956 (Movie)

Bravo (Actor)

Toward the Unknown 1956 (Movie)

Lieutenant General Bryan Shelby (Actor)

Blood Alley 1955 (Movie)

Mr Tso (Actor)

Stagecoach to Fury 1955 (Movie)

Tim O'Connors (Actor)

The Sea Chase 1955 (Movie)

Max Heinz (Actor)

Johnny Guitar 1954 (Movie)

Eddie (Actor)

The High and the Mighty 1954 (Movie)

Frank Briscoe (Actor)

Fair Wind to Java 1953 (Movie)

Wilson (Actor)

Hondo 1953 (Movie)


Island in the Sky 1953 (Movie)

Miller (Actor)

Angel in Exile 1948 (Movie)

Carl Spitz (Actor)

Force of Evil 1948 (Movie)


Red River 1948 (Movie)

Teeler (Actor)

Wake of the Red Witch 1948 (Movie)

Antonio 'Ripper' Arrezo (Actor)

Tycoon 1947 (Movie)

Joe (Actor)

Back to Bataan 1945 (Movie)

Bindle Jackson (Actor)

Dakota 1945 (Movie)


Flame of the Barbary Coast 1945 (Movie)

Calico Jim (Actor)

The Fighting Seabees 1944 (Movie)

Ding Jacobs (Actor)

Tall in the Saddle 1943 (Movie)

Bob Clews (Actor)

In Old Oklahoma 1942 (Movie)

Cherokee Kid (Actor)

Pittsburgh 1941 (Movie)

Mine Operator (Actor)

Black Friday 1939 (Movie)

William Kane (Actor)

The Ghost Breakers 1939 (Movie)

Frenchy Duval (Actor)

Trail of the Vigilantes 1939 (Movie)

Lefty (Actor)

Souls at Sea 1936 (Movie)

Violinist (Actor)

After the Thin Man 1935 (Movie)


Winterset 1935 (Movie)

Joe (Actor)

The Desert Trail 1934 (Movie)


Little Man, What Now? 1933 (Movie)


Somewhere in Sonora 1932 (Movie)


Zoo in Budapest 1932 (Movie)

Heinie (Actor)

Three Girls Lost 1930 (Movie)


A Man Betrayed (Movie)

Gerro (Actor)

Alias Boston Blackie (Movie)

Steve Caveroni (Actor)

Armored Car (Movie)

Slim (Actor)

Bar 20 Rides Again (Movie)

Gila (Actor)

Bulldog Courage (Movie)


Charlie Chan at the Race Track (Movie)

Lefty (Actor)

Code of the Streets (Movie)

Tommy Shay (Actor)

Down Mexico Way (Movie)

Davis (Actor)

Dr. Cyclops (Movie)

Dr. Mendoza (Actor)

Dr. Gillespie's New Assistant (Movie)

Husband (Actor)

Fargo Express (Movie)

Morton Clark (Actor)

First Kiss (Movie)

Ezra Talbot (Actor)

Flirtation Walk (Movie)

Soldier (Actor)

Gun Law (Movie)


Hanging By a Thread (TV Show)


Heritage of the Desert (Movie)

Chick Chance (Actor)

His Fighting Blood (Movie)


Hitler: Dead or Alive (Movie)

Joe "The Book" Conway (Actor)

Hold That Ghost (Movie)

Lefty (Actor)

Just Me and You (TV Show)


King of Gamblers (Movie)

Charlie (Actor)

Ladies Love Brutes (Movie)

Slip (Actor)

Living on Velvet (Movie)

Intern (Actor)

Lucky Star (Movie)

Joe (Actor)

Mob Town (Movie)

Monk Bangor (Actor)

Mr. Moto's Gamble (Movie)

Gangster (Actor)

Mug Town (Movie)

Marco (Actor)

Mutiny Ahead (Movie)


Navy Born (Movie)


On Such a Night (Movie)

Maxie Barnes (Actor)

Queen of the Mob (Movie)


Ride the Man Down (Movie)

Ray Cavanaugh (Actor)

Sandburg's Lincoln (TV Show)


Set This Town on Fire (TV Show)


Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon (Movie)

Mueller (Actor)

Sky Devils (Movie)


Sleepytime Gal (Movie)

Johnny Gatto (Actor)

South of Santa Fe (Movie)

Joe (Actor)

South of the Rio Grande (Movie)


Star Reporter (Movie)

Clipper (Actor)

The Avenger (Movie)


The Crimson Trail (Movie)


The Eagle's Brood (Movie)

Steve (Actor)

The Ex-Mrs. Bradford (Movie)

Lou Pender (Actor)

The Fighting Sheriff (Movie)

Jack Smight (Actor)

The Game That Kills (Movie)

Dick Adams (Actor)

The Good Bad Girl (Movie)

Roach (Actor)

The Plot Thickens (Movie)

Joe, Carter Chauffeur (Actor)

The Prisoner of Shark Island (Movie)

David Herold (Actor)

The Racing Strain (Movie)


The Road to Glory (Movie)

Rigaud (Actor)

The Saint in New York (Movie)

Phil, Hoodlum (Actor)

The Sphinx (Movie)

Dave Werner (Actor)

The Throwback (Movie)


The Westerner (Movie)

henchman (Actor)

The World Accuses (Movie)


Top of the World (Movie)

Maj. French (Actor)

Valley of Wanted Men (Movie)


Wall Street Cowboy (Movie)


Western Gold (Movie)


What Price Glory? (Movie)

Gowdy (Actor)

Winchester '73 (Movie)

Ben McAdam (Actor)

Yellowstone (Movie)

Dynamite (Actor)


Prolific, gentle-mannered, wry-faced character player in films from the early 1920s usually as lawmen, gangsters and taxi-drivers. Fix often appeared in Westerns and co-starred as the sheriff on TV's "The Rifleman" (1958-63).


Beverly Fix

born in 1923 died in 1979

Marilyn Fix

married to actor Harry Carey Jr on August 12, 1944



Co-starred as Marshal Micah Torrance on "The Rifleman"

Toured eastern states with stock companies in the 1920s