Paul Guilfoyle

Born: 07/14/1902 in Jersey City, New Jersey, USA


Actor (44)

The Boy and the Pirates 1960 (Movie)

Snipe (Actor)

Chief Crazy Horse 1955 (Movie)

Worm (Actor)

Trial 1955 (Movie)

Cap Grant (Actor)

Apache 1954 (Movie)

Santos (Actor)

Julius Caesar 1953 (Movie)

1st Citizen (Actor)

Torch Song 1952 (Movie)

Monty Rolfe (Actor)

Davy Crockett, Indian Scout 1950 (Movie)


I Married a Communist 1950 (Movie)


White Heat 1949 (Movie)


The Virginian 1946 (Movie)


It Happened Tomorrow 1944 (Movie)

Shep (Actor)

The Master Race 1943 (Movie)

Katry (Actor)

The Grapes of Wrath 1940 (Movie)


Brother Orchid 1939 (Movie)


Pacific Liner 1938 (Movie)

Wishart (Actor)

Winterset 1935 (Movie)

Garth Esdras (Actor)

Actors and Sin (Movie)

Mr. Blue [Woman Of Sin] (Actor)

Blind Alibi (Movie)

Taggart (Actor)

East of the River (Movie)

Balmy (Actor)

Flight from Glory (Movie)

Jones (Actor)

Follow Me Quietly (Movie)

Overbeck (Actor)

Heritage of the Desert (Movie)

Snap Thornton (Actor)

Journey into Light (Movie)

Fanatic (Actor)

Law of the Underworld (Movie)

Batsy (Actor)

Mighty Joe Young (Movie)

Smith (Actor)

Roses Are Red (Movie)

Cooley (Actor)

Sky Giant (Movie)

Fergie (Actor)

Special Agent (Movie)

Secretary to District Attorney (Actor)

The Crime of Dr. Crespi (Movie)

Dr. Arnold (Actor)

The Law West of Tombstone (Movie)

Bud McQuinn (Actor)

The Mad Miss Manton (Movie)

Bat Regan (Actor)

The Mark of the Whistler (Movie)

Limpy Smith (Actor)

The Missing Corpse (Movie)

McDonald (Actor)

The North Star (Movie)

Iakin (Actor)

The Saint Takes Over (Movie)

Clarence "Pearly" Gates (Actor)

The Saint in New York (Movie)

Hymie Fanro (Actor)

The Saint in Palm Springs (Movie)

Clarence "Pearly" Gates (Actor)

The Seventh Cross (Movie)

Fiedler (Actor)

The Woman I Love (Movie)

Bertier (Actor)

Three Russian Girls (Movie)

Trishin (Actor)

What Price Glory? (Movie)


When I Grow Up (TV Show)


White Savage (Movie)

Erik (Actor)

Why Girls Leave Home (Movie)

Steve Raymond (Actor)
Director (2)

The Lawman 1958 - 1962 (Tv Show)


Tess of the Storm Country (Movie)



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