Paul McVey

Born: 03/17/1898


Actor (43)

Shane 1953 (Movie)

Grafton (Actor)

Force of Evil 1948 (Movie)

Hobe Wheelock (Actor)

Stagecoach 1939 (Movie)


Sing, Baby, Sing 1935 (Movie)

Doctor (Actor)

Always Goodbye (Movie)

Customer (Actor)

Baby, Take a Bow (Movie)

Daniels (Actor)

Barricade (Movie)

Copy Reader (Actor)

Bright Eyes (Movie)

Attorney (Actor)

Bwana Devil (Movie)

Commissioner (Actor)

Charlie Chan's Courage (Movie)

Director (Actor)

Dante's Inferno (Movie)

Assistant (Actor)

Dixie (Movie)

Headwaiter in Restaurant (Actor)

Fair Warning (Movie)

Mr. Berkhardt (Actor)

Half Angel (Movie)


Happy Go Lucky (Movie)

Assistant Manager (Actor)

Hold That Co-Ed (Movie)

Man (Actor)

Human Cargo (Movie)

Ship's Officer (Actor)

Josette (Movie)

Hotel Manager (Actor)

Judge Priest (Movie)

Trimble (Actor)

Keep 'em Slugging (Movie)

Mr. Meecham (Actor)

King of the Royal Mounted (Movie)

Excellency Zarnoff (Actor)

Ladies in Love (Movie)

Actor (Actor)

Lillian Russell (Movie)

Stage Manager (Actor)

Love Is News (Movie)

Alvord (Actor)

My Marriage (Movie)

Detective (Actor)

No Room for the Groom (Movie)

Dr. Trotter (Actor)

One Mile from Heaven (Movie)

Johnny (Actor)

Panama Patrol (Movie)

Baird (Actor)

Passport Husband (Movie)

H.C. Walton (Actor)

Phantom of Chinatown (Movie)

Grady (Actor)

Rainbow Island (Movie)

U.S. Naval Commander (Actor)

Remember the Day (Movie)

Jeweler (Actor)

Show Them No Mercy! (Movie)

Dr. Peterson (Actor)

Silver Skates (Movie)

Hayes (Actor)

Sing and Be Happy (Movie)

Car Passenger (Actor)

Stand up and Cheer (Movie)


Stowaway (Movie)

Second Mate (Actor)

The Crime of Dr. Forbes (Movie)

John Dunlap (Actor)

The Living Ghost (Movie)

Ed Moline (Actor)

The Magnificent Dope (Movie)

John (Actor)

The Monster and the Girl (Movie)

Monarch Hotel Clerk (Actor)

The Prisoner of Shark Island (Movie)

Hunter (Actor)

This is My Affair (Movie)

Roosevelt's Secretary (Actor)