Paul Pape

Born: 07/17/1952


Sound (59)

Captain Fantastic 2016 (Movie)

Looper(Hoffmannbrow) (Looping Coordinator)

Deadpool 2016 (Movie)

Voice Cast (ADR Voice Casting)

Independence Day Resurgence 2016 (Movie)

Voice (Sound)

Midnight Special 2016 (Movie)

Loop Group (Looping Coordinator)

Now You See Me 2 2016 (Movie)

ADR Cast (ADR)

The Family Fang 2016 (Movie)

Loop Group (Looping Coordinator)

X-Men: Apocalypse 2016 (Movie)

ADR Voice (ADR)

Fantastic Four 2015 (Movie)

Voice Cast (ADR Voice Casting)

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials 2015 (Movie)

Voice (Sound)

Secret in Their Eyes 2015 (Movie)

Loop Group (Sound)

The Longest Ride 2015 (Movie)

Voice Cast (ADR Voice Casting)

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes 2014 (Movie)

Ape Loop Group (Looping Coordinator)

RoboCop 2014 (Movie)

Voice Over Actor (ADR Voice Casting)

The Angriest Man in Brooklyn 2014 (Movie)

Loop Artist (Looping Coordinator)

X-Men: Days of Future Past 2014 (Movie)

ADR Voice Cast (ADR Voice Casting)

Machete Kills 2013 (Movie)

Voice (ADR Voice Casting)

Saving Mr. Banks 2013 (Movie)

Loop Troop (Looping Coordinator)

The Internship 2013 (Movie)

Voice Actor (ADR Voice Casting)

This Means War 2012 (Movie)

Voice (ADR Voice Casting)

Final Destination 5 2011 (Movie)

Loop Group (Looping Coordinator)

Kung Fu Panda 2 2011 (Movie)

ADR Group (ADR)

Rango 2011 (Movie)

ADR Group(Disney Studios) (ADR)

Sucker Punch 2011 (Movie)

Voice Over Performer (ADR Voice Casting)

Warrior 2011 (Movie)

ADR Walla Group (ADR)

Furry Vengeance 2010 (Movie)

Background Voice (ADR)

Megamind 2010 (Movie)

ADR Group (ADR)

Repo Men 2010 (Movie)

ADR Voice (ADR Voice Casting)

Shrek Forever After 2010 (Movie)

ADR Group (Sound)

The Last Song 2010 (Movie)

ADR Voice (Sound)

Tooth Fairy 2010 (Movie)

Voice Cast(Twentieth Century Fox Studios) (ADR Voice Casting)

Bride Wars 2009 (Movie)

Additional Voice (ADR)

Law Abiding Citizen 2009 (Movie)

ADR Group (ADR)

Monsters vs. Aliens 2009 (Movie)

ADR Group (ADR)

Bolt 2008 (Movie)

Voice (ADR Voice Casting)

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa 2008 (Movie)

ADR Group (ADR)

Max Payne 2008 (Movie)

Voice Actor (ADR)

My Best Friend's Girl 2008 (Movie)

ADR Cast(Todd-Ao) (ADR)

The Day the Earth Stood Still 2008 (Movie)

Voice Cast (ADR Voice Casting)

The Tale of Despereaux 2008 (Movie)

Additional Voice (ADR Voice Casting)

The X-Files: I Want to Believe 2008 (Movie)

Voice Cast (ADR)

Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem 2007 (Movie)

Voice Actor (ADR)

Bee Movie 2007 (Movie)

ADR Group (ADR)

Dragon Wars 2007 (Movie)

Loop Group (Sound)

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer 2007 (Movie)

Voice Actor (ADR)

First Snow 2007 (Movie)

Loop Group (Looping Coordinator)

The TV Set 2007 (Movie)

ADR Voice (ADR Voice Casting)

Thomas Kinkade's Christmas Cottage 2007 (Movie)

ADR Cast (ADR)

Annapolis 2006 (Movie)


Employee of the Month 2006 (Movie)

ADR Actor(Todd AO) (ADR)

The Omen 2006 (Movie)

Voice Actor (ADR)

Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story 2005 (Movie)

ADR Group (ADR)

Flightplan 2005 (Movie)

ADR Group Talent (ADR)

Shrek 2 2004 (Movie)

ADR Group (ADR)

The Bourne Supremacy 2004 (Movie)

ADR Group (ADR)

Mr. Nice Guy 1998 (Movie)

(ADR Voice Casting)

Psycho 1998 (Movie)

ADR voice (ADR)

Breaking Up 1997 (Movie)

ADR loop group (ADR)

Keys to Tulsa 1997 (Movie)

ADR loop group (ADR)

Mortal Kombat 1995 (Movie)

ADR Artist (ADR)
Actor (23)

Unfinished Business 2015 (Movie)


Frozen 2013 (Movie)


Chronicle 2012 (Movie)

Priest (Voice)

Wreck-It Ralph 2012 (Movie)


Scream 4 2011 (Movie)

Voice (Actor)

Tangled 2010 (Movie)


The Spy Next Door 2010 (Movie)

Voice (Actor)

The Time Traveler's Wife 2009 (Movie)

Voice Over (Actor)

Journeyman 2007 (Tv Show)


Arthur Hailey's Detective 2005 - 2006 (TV Show)


The Wild 2006 (Movie)


Chicken Little 2005 (Movie)


Elektra 2005 (Movie)

Voice Actor (Voice)

Racing Stripes 2005 (Movie)

Additional Voice (Voice)

Catch That Kid 2004 (Movie)


Sideways 2004 (Movie)

Voice Actor (Voice)

The Clearing 2004 (Movie)

Voice Actor (Actor)

Moonlight Mile 2002 (Movie)

Bar Voice (Voice)

China: the Panda Adventure 2001 (Movie)

of Bill Harkness (Voice)

Three of Hearts 1993 (Movie)

Additional Voice (Actor)

Saturday Night Fever 1977 (Movie)

Double J (Actor)

Life on Liberty Street (TV Show)

Casting (2)

3:10 to Yuma 2007 (Movie)

(Voice Casting)

First Strike 1997 (Movie)

ADR voice cast (Voice Casting)
Other (2)

Flashback 1990 (Movie)

looper (Other)