Paul Rudd Thinks He Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Do Nude Scenes

When it comes to filming nude scenes for a movie, not all Hollywood stars are not as willing to strip down and bare all (so to speak) as others. But can we really blame them? I mean I know that some would consider it just business and be able to separate themselves completely from the potentially awkward situation, but the bottombline is that you’re exposed for all the world to see and some people are just not comfortable with that. Apparently Paul Rudd is one of those people. He’s big fan of nudity…just not his own.

In the October issue of Playboy, the actor tells the magazine, “I’ve been naked in a lot of my movies. There’s something inherently funny about the naked male body, particularly mine. Ryan Reynolds, sure, it makes sense why he’d strip down. But not me. I shouldn’t be allowed to.” I’m going to have to disagree with him here — he’s not Ryan Reynolds, but he brings plenty of assets to the table. And while he appreciates being the butt end of a joke, Paul just wishes it wasn’t always his rear on the line. He explains, saying, “A male ass shot is the cheapest and best laugh ever. But it’s mortifying to do. When I showed my butt in The 40-Year-Old Virgin, all I could think was, ‘This is going to be up on all those big screens.’ I was very self-conscious about doing it.”

But he has no problem stripping down in front of the crew, though. Rudd describes filming a scene for Our Idiot Brother and recalls, “I’m naked and getting painted from the side, and because of the angle of the shot, our soundman — who was a guest soundman, by the way, and not even our regular guy — had an unfortunate view. He was holding up the boom mike and standing right in front of me…I could tell by his expression that he was pretty bummed out.” Talk about cracking your way into show business! The point is, I could force myself to see a naked Paul Rudd up on the big screen a few more times…. if I have to.

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Source: US