Paul Ryan, Vice Presidential Candidate for the United Gyms of America —...

Paul Ryan, Vice Presidential Candidate for the United Gyms of America — PIC

paul ryan
paul ryan

As if knowing the world was in dire need of a hug this morning, Time Magazine looked down on all the people in the world and say “I can do one better.” And so they did. Images of the Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan emerged from the heavens and shone us the light: the P90x-filled, bicep curl-lined light. And it was good.

But why are we only seeing these now? After all, TIME mentions in the captions that “Paul Ryan was photographed demonstrating his workout technique at a gym in Janesville, Wisconsin, for TIME in December 2011.” But the photos are featured in the October 22, 2012 issue of the magazine. While the world may be left to ponder this grave misdeed, it should not question it for long. Because questioning leads to less time…admiring. Admiring the very, very serious manner in which Ryan takes his workouts. The way his goofy expression says “It’s cool, guys! I’m just like Mr. Schue from Glee, only I hate singing!” Whether he’s curling up with some sweet 40-pound weights or concentrating on feeling the burn in his biceps, these pictures are gold. It’s Christmas in October, America! Breathe in that locker room-infested spirit!


Not to leave you hanging, bro, we’ve come up with a few captions to help you fully appreciate the glory that is Casual Paul Ryan: Gym Rat.

I’m putting a lot of weight…behind my budget!

No, I don’t do any of that Zumba crap.

Backwards hats: Cool Since 198Never!

Stop right there: toss out those fiscal woes while we work on our glutes.

I want to be Vice President…of SWEET ABS!

The way I lift this weight ain’t got nothin’ on how much my budget will lift our economy!

Drill, baby, drill? 2012’s the year of curl, baby, curl.

Hey America, I know I’m debating Joe Biden tonight, but check out THIS defined policy…of muscle!

And then everyone collapsed under the weight of 10,000 P90X DVDs. Oh, and don’t forget to watch the VP debate tonight.

[Photo Credit: TIME Magazine]

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