Pedro De Cordoba

Actor, Opera basso
Born: 09/28/1881 in New York City, New York, USA


Actor (65)

Thunder in the Sun 1958 (Movie)

Gabrielle's Dance Partner (Actor)

The Time of Your Life 1948 (Movie)


The Song of Bernadette 1942 (Movie)


Blood and Sand 1941 (Movie)

Don Jose Alvarez (Actor)

Aloma of the South Seas 1940 (Movie)


My Favorite Wife 1940 (Movie)


The Ghost Breakers 1939 (Movie)

Havez (Actor)

Man of Conquest 1938 (Movie)


Storm Over Bengal 1937 (Movie)


Anthony Adverse 1935 (Movie)


Ramona 1935 (Movie)


The Devil-Doll 1935 (Movie)


Captain Blood 1934 (Movie)

Don Diego (Actor)

The Crusades 1934 (Movie)

Karakush (Actor)

A Night in Paradise (Movie)

Magus (Actor)

Aloma of the South Seas (Movie)

Raaiti (Actor)

Background to Danger (Movie)

Old Turk (Actor)

Before I Hang (Movie)

Victor Sondini (Actor)

Carnival in Costa Rica (Movie)

Mr. Castro (Actor)

Club Havana (Movie)

Charles (Actor)

Condemned to Live (Movie)

Dr. Anders Bizet (Actor)

Cuban Pete (Movie)

Perez (Actor)

Damaged Goods (Movie)

Dr. Walker (Actor)

Dramatic School (Movie)


Earthbound (Movie)

Minister (Actor)

For Whom the Bell Tolls (Movie)

Frederico Gonzales (Actor)

Gambling on the High Seas (Movie)

Ed, Police Chief (Actor)

Girl Loves Boy (Movie)

Signor Montefiori (Actor)

His Brother's Wife (Movie)

Dr. Capolo (Actor)

International Settlement (Movie)

Maurice Zabello (Actor)

Kismet (Movie)

Meuzin (Actor)

Law of the Pampas (Movie)

Jose Valdez (Actor)

Maid of Salem (Movie)

Mr. Morse (Actor)

Mexican Hayride (Movie)

Senor Martinez (Actor)

Once Upon a Time (Movie)


Professional Soldier (Movie)

Stefan Bernaldo (Actor)

Sailor's Lady (Movie)


Samson and Delilah (Movie)

Bar Simon (Actor)

Shut My Big Mouth (Movie)

Don Carlos Montoya (Actor)

Son of Fury (Movie)

Fennou (Actor)

Son of Lassie (Movie)

Village Priest (Actor)

South of Pago Pago (Movie)

Chief (Actor)

Swamp Fire (Movie)

Tim Rousseau (Actor)

Tarzan Triumphs (Movie)

Patriarch (Actor)

Tear Gas Squad (Movie)

Lieutenant Timothy Sullivan (Actor)

Temptation (Movie)

Julian (Actor)

The Adventures of Don Juan (Movie)

Pacheco (Actor)

The Beast with Five Fingers (Movie)

Horatio (Actor)

The Big Street (Movie)

Doctor (Actor)

The Corsican Brothers (Movie)

Gravini (Actor)

The Falcon Takes Over (Movie)

Grimes (Actor)

The Falcon in Mexico (Movie)

Don Carlos Ybarra (Actor)

The Firefly (Movie)

Spanish General (Actor)

The Lady Is Willing (Movie)

Detective Sergeant Barnes (Actor)

The Light That Failed (Movie)

Monsieur Binat (Actor)

The Rustlers (Movie)

Sheriff (Actor)

The Saint in Palm Springs (Movie)

Chief Graves (Actor)

The Sea Hawk (Movie)

Capt. Mendoza (Actor)

Trouble for Two (Movie)

Sergei (Actor)

Two Years Before the Mast (Movie)

Don Sebastian (Actor)

Uncertain Glory (Movie)

Executioner (Actor)

When Knighthood Was in Flower (Movie)

Duke of Buckingham (Actor)

White Savage (Movie)

Candlemaker (Actor)

Winner Take All (Movie)

Pantrelli (Actor)

Young Tom Edison (Movie)

Captain Brackett (Actor)