Penguin Cafe Orchestra


Music (9)

Buck 2011 (Movie)

("Numbers 1 To 4") (Song Performer)

Cedar Rapids 2011 (Movie)

("Nothing Really Blue") (Song Performer)

Napoleon Dynamite 2004 (Movie)

("Music for a Found Harmonium") (Song Performer)

The Good Girl 2002 (Movie)

("Steady State") (Performer)

Chuck and Buck 2000 (Movie)

("Air a danser" "Paul's Dance" "Prelude & Yodel" "Nothing Really Blue") (Song Performer)

Au Pays des Juliets 1991 (Movie)


Talk Radio 1988 (Movie)

("Telephone & Rubber Band") (Song Performer)

Living on the Edge 1986 (Movie)


A Touch of Greatness (TV Show)

Song Performer


Popular songs include "Lullaby" and "Perpetuum Mobile".

Known for such albums as "Penguin Cafe Orchestra" and "Preludes Airs & Yodels"