Penn Badgley Channels Jeff Buckley in NYC — VIDEO

Penn Badgley Fans of Penn Badgley were already well aware of his musical inclinations, but fans of the iconic singer Jeff Buckley were less enthused when they heard the news that the Gossip Girl star (otherwise known as Dan Humphrey) would be playing their man in one of the 922 three movies about the tragic singer. Fans of Buckley are still hyper-protective of him and his image, even 15 years after his unfortunate death-by-drowning.

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So naturally, there was a lot of skepticism and criticism bandied about regarding whether or not Badgley had the chops to take on the musical hero in Greetings from Tim Buckley. Well, Badgley attempted to put those fears and skeptic thoughts somewhat to rest with a performance this weekend in Brooklyn, New York. Badgley strode up to the stage at the Cameo Gallery in the Williamsburg neighborhood (naturally) to take on a classic song Buckley was known for covering, “Lilac Wine.”

According to the audience member who snapped up the video of our very own Lonely Boy strumming away was surprised by how well he performed the tune. He explainined on his blog that he “was in awe with this guy’s vocal[s]. It was something very unexpected,” which is certainly a great thing to hear when you consider Badgley’s upcoming role (the film is currently in post-production, having already shot last fall).

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As fans of Buckley ourselves, we have to give credit where its due here: Badgley does have a very similar vocal style to Buckley, and we’re pleased (and relieved!) to see him taking the role so seriously.

Do you think Badgley has what it takes to emulate the rocker on screen? Check out the video below (we’ve also included the Buckley cover from his seminal album, Grace), and let us know what you think in the comments!

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