The People vs. Lady Gaga: Twitter Roundup

The People vs. Lady Gaga: Twitter Roundup

Lady Gaga, Madonna

Lady Gaga, MadonnaLady Gaga/Twitter

Lady Gaga is no stranger to shameless self-promotion, no matter how hard she has to try. For her latest album, Artpop, she’s been employing many side-eye-worthy tactics to pump up sales numbers (see: shady Craigslist ads advertising oral sex in exchange for a copy of a single, calling it the “album of the millennium,” holding contests on Twitter to get fans to buy multiple copies of her single, etc.). Her latest tactic finds her going on a Twitter rant, in which she repeats negative things said about her in the press and responds with the equivalent of a teenage foot stomp and door slam.

 Rant Rating: 4.2 Kanyes out of 5

Ok, she’s got a point with this one. Gaga is definitely not fat in this picture. Kinda gross maybe, but not fat.


Welp, at least she’s aware now!

If this ridiculous rumor was actually true, Gaga would probably be a lot more interesting.


It’s true – narcissism is a helluva drug.

Not 100 on this, but I’m pretty sure God has better things to do than stay pressed about a pop star.


This is either a classic case of diva vs. diva or a classic case of sh*t vs. diarrhea. You decide!


It’s not permission you need to be memorable, Gaga – it’s memorability.