Pepsi Is Taking Michael Jackson on Tour: Hologram Next?

Michael JacksonIn a deal with Michael Jackson‘s estate, PepsiCo. is embarking on a global marketing blitz with help from the late King of Pop.

The use of Jackson’s image, name and celebrity will take on various forms in the strong push from Pepsi, which is hoping to wrest some of the market share and overall brand recognition from longtime rival/soda king Coca-Cola.

Depending on market and location, MJ will be featured on everything from limited-edition Pepsi cans to plain-old (but new) TV commercials. One initiative will also reportedly include chances for fans to download new remixes of the singer’s most famous songs.

It all begs the elephant-in-the-room question: How long until Michael gets the hologram “treatment” that Tupac received at the Coachella Music Festival and that TLC’s Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes will soon undergo?


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