Peter Bull

Actor, Gossip columnist, Author
Born: 03/21/1912 in London, England, GB


Actor (30)

Paranormal Survivor 2014 - 2015 (Tv Show)


Yellowbeard 1983 (Movie)

Queen Anne (Actor)

The Tempest 1979 (Movie)

Alonso (Actor)

Joseph Andrews 1977 (Movie)

Sir Thomas Booby (Actor)

Great Expectations 1974 - 1975 (TV Show)


Lady Caroline Lamb 1972 (Movie)

Government Minister (Actor)

Lock Up Your Daughters! 1969 (Movie)

Bull (Actor)

The Executioner 1969 (Movie)

Butterfield (Actor)

Doctor Dolittle 1967 (Movie)

General Bellowes (Actor)

Dr. Strangelove 1964 (Movie)

Ambassador de Sadesky (Actor)

Tom Jones 1963 (Movie)

Thwackum (Actor)

The Old Dark House 1962 (Movie)


Goodbye Again 1961 (Movie)

The Client (Actor)

Tales of the Vikings 1960 - 1961 (TV Show)


The Rebel 1961 (Movie)

Paris Art Gallery Manager (Actor)

The Girl on the Boat 1960 (Movie)

Blacksmith (Actor)

The Three Worlds of Gulliver 1960 (Movie)

Lord Bermogg (Actor)

The Scapegoat 1958 (Movie)

Aristide (Actor)

Tom Thumb 1958 (Movie)

Town Crier (Actor)

The Green Man 1956 (Movie)


Footsteps in the Fog 1955 (Movie)

Brasher (Actor)

Beau Brummell 1954 (Movie)

Mr Fox (Actor)

Malta Story 1953 (Movie)

Flying Officer (Actor)

A Christmas Carol 1951 (Movie)

Narrator/1st Businessman (Actor)

The Lavender Hill Mob 1951 (Movie)

Joe the Gab (Actor)

Contraband 1940 (Movie)

Grimm (Actor)

Knight Without Armour (Movie)

Commissar (Actor)

Non-Stop New York (Movie)

Spurgeon (Actor)

Saraband for Dead Lovers (Movie)

Prince George-Louis (Actor)

They Made Me a Fugitive (Movie)

Fidgetty Phil (Actor)
Director (1)

The New Music 1979 (Movie)

Producer (1)

Americas 1992 - 1993, 2014 - 2015 (Tv Show)

Segment Producer



Stage acting debut