Peter Chong


Actor (12)

The Mountain Road 1960 (Movie)

Chinese Colonel (Actor)

The Inn of the Sixth Happiness 1958 (Movie)

Yang (Actor)

This Earth Is Mine 1958 (Movie)

Chu (Actor)

Tribute to a Bad Man 1956 (Movie)

Cooky (Actor)

Torch Song 1952 (Movie)

Peter (Actor)

First Yank into Tokyo (Movie)

Dr. Kai Koon (Actor)

Intrigue (Movie)

Editor (Actor)

Miss Sadie Thompson (Movie)

Chung (Actor)

Remains to Be Seen (Movie)

Ling Tan (Actor)

South Sea Woman (Movie)

Woo Ching (Actor)

The Purple Heart (Movie)

Mitsuru Toyama (Actor)

To the Ends of the Earth (Movie)

Joe (Actor)