Peter Cook and Christie Brinkley ‘Talking’

Veteran supermodel Christie Brinkley has remained on talking terms with her estranged husband Peter Cook for the sake of their children.

Brinkley, 52, split from her architect spouse last month after discovering he had had an affair with his teenage assistant, Diana Bianchi.

Despite their split, Cook’s lawyer Norman Sheresky insists the couple are trying to put their problems to one side for the sake of Sailor Lee, 7, and Jack Paris, 11.

Sheresky tells the New York Daily News, “It’s a strained relationship. I think they mostly talk about their kids and stay away from other subjects.

“He’s not barred from the house–and they do talk. But they are talking about their kids.

“Peter would love to reconcile. But I can’t get inside her head. Right now, I think they are acting like concerned parents.”

In response, Brinkley‘s spokesman Elliot Mintz adds, “As far as Christie is concerned, she is still not making any statements about what is taking place between the two of them.”

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