Peter Fiala


Visual Effects & Animation (9)

Red Dawn 2012 (Movie)

Digital Crowd(CIS Hollywood) (Visual Effects)

Marmaduke 2010 (Movie)

Animation & Visual Effects(CIS Vancouver) (Visual Effects)

Butterfly Effect: Revelation 2009 (Movie)

VFX CG Artist(CIS Vancouver) (CGI Artist)

Invictus 2009 (Movie)

CG Lead(CIS Visual Effects Group Vancouver) (CG Supervisor)

Changeling 2008 (Movie)

Modeler(CIS Vancouver) (Modelmaker)

Tropic Thunder 2008 (Movie)

Modeler(CIS Vancouver) (Modelmaker)

Vantage Point 2008 (Movie)

CG Modeling Lead(Rainmaker Animation and Visual Effects) (CG Supervisor)

Blades of Glory 2007 (Movie)

Modeler(Rainmaker) (Modelmaker)

Dr. Dolittle 3 2005 (Movie)

Lighting(Rainmaker) (Digital Effects Artist)