Peter Miller


Actor (16)

The Five of Us 2003 (Movie)


Hero and the Terror 1988 (Movie)

Chief Bridges (Actor)

Alligator 1979 (Movie)

Sergeant Rice (Actor)

The In-Laws 1979 (Movie)

Bank Manager (Actor)

The Onion Field 1979 (Movie)

Oscar (Actor)

The Lady in Red 1978 (Movie)

Fritz (Actor)

Fools' Parade 1970 (Movie)

Trusty (Actor)

Marines, Let's Go 1961 (Movie)

Hawkins (Actor)

Handle With Care 1958 (Movie)

Carter (Actor)

The Delinquents 1957 (Movie)

Cholly (Actor)

The Iron Sheriff 1957 (Movie)

Jackson (Actor)

Crime in the Streets 1956 (Movie)

The Fighter (Actor)

Forbidden Planet 1956 (Movie)

Moran (Actor)

Tea and Sympathy 1956 (Movie)

Pete (Actor)

Blackboard Jungle 1955 (Movie)


Rebel Without a Cause 1955 (Movie)

Hoodlum (Actor)