Peter Simonite


Camera, Film, & Tape (34)

Voice From the Stone 2016 (Movie)

(Director of Photography)

The Perfect Guy 2015 (Movie)

(Director of Photography)

Fairhaven 2013 (Movie)

(Director of Photography)

No Place on Earth 2013 (Movie)


The Brass Teapot 2013 (Movie)

(Director of Photography)

The Apparition 2012 (Movie)

Splinter Unit Operator (Camera)

Seven Days in Utopia 2011 (Movie)

(Director of Photography)

Skateland 2011 (Movie)

(Director of Photography)

The Tree of Life 2011 (Movie)


Friday the 13th 2009 (Movie)

(Camera Operator)

Whip It 2009 (Movie)

(Austin Original Rank: 2nd Unit) (Director of Photography)

Appaloosa 2008 (Movie)

(Austin, Texas Unit) (Camera Operator)

Balls Out: Gary the Tennis Coach 2007 (Movie)

(Camera Operator)

The Hitcher 2007 (Movie)

(Camera Operator)

A Scanner Darkly 2006 (Movie)

(Assistant Camera)

How to Eat Fried Worms 2006 (Movie)

B Camera 1st Assistant (Camera Assistant)

Idiocracy 2006 (Movie)

"B" First Assistant Camera (Assistant Camera)

Infamous 2006 (Movie)

(Assistant Camera)

Rollergirls 2005 - 2006 (TV Show)

Camera Operator

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning 2006 (Movie)

"A" Camera First Assistant (Camera)

A Slipping Down Life 2004 (Movie)

assistant camera (Assistant Camera Operator)

The Alamo 2004 (Movie)

First Assistant "C" Camera (Assistant Camera)

The Original Latin Kings of Comedy 2003 - 2004 (TV Show)

Camera Assistant

Secondhand Lions 2003 (Movie)

1st Assistant (Camera Assistant)

The Life of David Gale 2003 (Movie)

First Assistant "B" Camera (Assistant Camera)

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2003 (Movie)

(Assistant Camera Operator)

25th Hour 2002 (Movie)

First Assistant Camera(Texas Unit) (Assistant Camera)

The New Guy 2002 (Movie)

Second Assistant Camera (Camera Assistant)

Where the Heart Is 2000 (Movie)

"B" camera 1st assistant camera (Assistant Camera Operator)

Wonder Boys 2000 (Movie)

"B" camera 2nd assistant photographer (Photography)

Outside Providence 1999 (Movie)

assistant camera(Austin) (Assistant Camera Operator)

The Faculty 1998 (Movie)

assistant camera (Assistant Camera Operator)

The Newton Boys 1998 (Movie)

assistant camera (Assistant Camera Operator)

Michael 1996 (Movie)

camera loader (Camera)