Petra Schaumann


Wardrobe, Hair & Makeup (19)

Race 2016 (Movie)

Make-Up & Hair Dailies(Berlin Unit) (Makeup)

Bridge of Spies 2015 (Movie)

(Hair Stylist)

Unfinished Business 2015 (Movie)

Hair & Makeup Dept. Head(Berlin Unit) (Hair)

The Monuments Men 2014 (Movie)

Makeup And Hair Artist (Hair & Makeup)

The Three Musketeers 2011 (Movie)

Make-up/Hair Artist(for Cast) (Makeup)

The Three Musketeers 2011 (Movie)

Make-Up/Hair Artist (Makeup Artist)

Ninja Assassin 2009 (Movie)

Hair/Makeup Artist (Makeup Artist)

Speed Racer 2008 (Movie)

Stylist(Hair and Makeup) (Hair Stylist)

V for Vendetta 2006 (Movie)

Makeup and Hair Artist (Makeup Artist)

Flightplan 2005 (Movie)

Hair and Makeup Artist (Hair Stylist)

Syriana 2005 (Movie)

(Overseas) (Hair Stylist)

The Constant Gardener 2005 (Movie)

(Studio Babelsberg) (Makeup Assistant)

Alexander 2004 (Movie)


The Bourne Supremacy 2004 (Movie)

(Hair Stylist)

The Bourne Supremacy 2004 (Movie)

(Makeup Artist)

Brokedown Palace 1999 (Movie)

(Hair Stylist)

Prince Valiant 1998 (Movie)

makeup/hair(Berlin) (Makeup)

The Red Violin 1998 (Movie)

assistant hairstylist(London) (Hair Assistant)

The Odyssey (TV Show)