Philip Beckner


Camera, Film, & Tape (11)

How to Be Single 2016 (Movie)

DI Conform(Fotokem) (Camera)

Independence Day Resurgence 2016 (Movie)

DI Editor(Fotokem Creative Services) (Camera)

Lights Out 2016 (Movie)

DI Editor(Fotokem) (Film Lab)

San Andreas 2015 (Movie)

DI Conform Artist(Fotokem) (Camera)

Behind the Candelabra 2013 (Movie)

DI Editorial(FotoKem) (Film Lab)

Side Effects 2013 (Movie)

DI Editorial(Fotokem) (Camera)

Magic Mike 2012 (Movie)

DI Editorial(Fotokem) (Film Lab)

Rock of Ages 2012 (Movie)

Digital Intermediate Editor(Fotokem) (Film Lab)

Contagion 2011 (Movie)

DI Conform(Fotokem) (Film Lab)

Prom 2011 (Movie)

Conform/Assistant Colorist(FotoKem Digital Film Services) (Colorist)

All In 2006 (Movie)

Tape Operator(Plastercity Digital Post) (Videotape Operator)
Editor (4)

Krampus 2015 (Movie)

(Fotokem) (On-Line Editor)

Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse 2015 (Movie)

(Fotokem) (Editor)

Leaves of Grass 2010 (Movie)

(PlasterCity Digital Post, LLC) (On-Line Editor)

Everyone Stares: The Police Inside Out 2005 - 2006 (TV Show)

On-Line Editor
Visual Effects & Animation (1)

A Very Harold & Kumar 3-D Christmas 2011 (Movie)

3D Conform Artist(Fotokem Digital Film Services) (3-D Artist)